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    Lab power supply earth output function?

    How did u find that there were "random Earth currents flowing around virtually everywhere in the building"?
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    Lab power supply earth output function?

    So generally, I should connect ground (black) to earth(green) outputs for safety?
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    Lab power supply earth output function?

    Hi, What's the use of the earth output in laboratory power supplies? There is already a ground output.
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    LCL and FCL differences

    What is the difference in functionality between LCL (Latching current limiter) and FCL (Foldback current limiter) and in which applications are they used?
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    Oscilloscope as a Network analyzer

    Hi all, Can I use an oscilloscope as a network analyzer? and produce bode plots, measure noise, stability etc?
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    Coaxial or twisted pair?

    There are some applications that the liquid properties you want to measure, also change with frequency.
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    Coaxial or twisted pair?

    Thanks Brian, Is for a capacitive sensor reading with sweeping frequencies from 10 to 100kHz. What do you mean Impedance? The load is capacitive although a think after increasing the cable length a few meters its has some inductance too. (phase increasing from -90 to -85)
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    Coaxial or twisted pair?

    Which is the best cable for shielding against low frequencies EMI RFI of 50Hz to 100Hz? The cable has to carry signal with 100kHz BW Thank you in advance

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