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    Sensitivity list of a process in VHDL - exact function

    Sensitivity list I know that this may be a common question, but I've searched for a similar one asked before and I could'nt find any, The question is : What exactly is the function of the sensitivity list of a process in VHDL?? ... I know that a process with a sensitivity list will be run once...
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    Problem with SDF file in ModelSim

    Re: SDF file required thanks for your help..but when i opened the par folder there were 3 files with the same name but diffrent extensions(.sdf .vhd . nlf) which one you mean by p and r or where i could find this par netlist file..please clarify more and thanks in advance..
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    Problem with SDF file in ModelSim

    SDF file required I use xilinx ISE 8.2i and I am in the post place & route phase...I implemented my project succesfully and trying now to simulate post place & route model using model sim...but when I enter model sim from the ISE it says that an error occured and the SDF file is not found..I've...
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    FPGA board, Mobile device communication

    Thanks for your help..but from this data sheet you must setup some drivers first this is a main problem we faced as we can't do this on a mobile device...so we need another hardware solution...
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    FPGA board, Mobile device communication

    I have a problem connecting a spartan 3 board with a mobile device through it's USB port...a spartan 3 starter kit has no USB port for communication so we need to use its RS232 port..and as the mobile device must communicate through USB so we need some kind of a converter in between... please if...

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