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    Looking for economical PCB service in Bangalore for prototypes

    Hello I am an electronics hobbyists from Bangalore, India. I am looking for a PCB manufacturer who will be interested in supplying PCB prototypes in small quantities. I would need 2 & 4 layer boards. Can you please suggest/recommend me the PCB supplier? Preferably from Bangalore itself. Best...
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    Want to get in touch with electronics professionals ....

    Hello I would like to get in touch with electronics professionals in South Bangalore, India for the purpose of professional interactions, experience sharing etc. Professionals interested can get in touch with me. Best regards EmbeddedGuy. :-)
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    OS independant freeware GUI library

    I am looking for GUI library independant of OS. I am using ATmega32 alongwith graphical LCD display (128 X 64). Can anybody suggest me, if possible, freeware C library? Otherwise let me know low cost commercial library. Best regards

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