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    calibre redifine problem

    i am using ic5141 usr5 and calibre(ver.2009) but i have a problem. when i start cadence(icfb &), i see following messages. i try to solve this message but i can not that. what's the problem? (the pdk is ts35pm)
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    IC5141 simulation result problem

    I confirm that others are not blinking. If a line property in the initial file have the property set to blinking, what is method which change a property? Added after 4 minutes: Yes. I didn't see any errors or warnings in the CIW or the shell(C-shell). For reference, I installed it on...
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    IC5141 simulation result problem

    awd waveform blinking I installed and ran the IC5141. I made a schematic and simulated it using spectre. And then, I checked simulation result using AWD window. But graph's line flickered which was on and off. I try to modify it but I can't solve it. What is problem?
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    cadence IC5141 lmgrd problem on RedHat Enterprise AS 4

    lmgrd ic5141 I have a follow problem. So I want to your good solution!! # lmstat lmstat - Copyright (c) 1989-2004 by Macrovision Corporation. All rights reserved. Flexible License Manager status on Sun 2/8/2009 02:47 License server status: 1111@host License file(s) on host...

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