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    Help identify component!!!!!

    Thank you, I have found a similar resonator on ebay which is 418mHz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RFMonolithic-RO2021-418-05-MHz-SAW-Resonator-TO39-2pcs-/390341693236?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item5ae22d8f34 So now my next challenge is to figure out what to do with the...
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    Help identify component!!!!!

    Thanks for the links, interesting reading, but I am still unsure of what the component is, ceramic or crystal??? And the most puzzling thing being Internet search I cannot find identical component in appearance, ceramic ones r colourful and crystal ones having 2 or 4 pins. Thanks for the help tho
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    Help identify component!!!!!

    I hear what your saying, dont fix what isnt broken, and I too have ruined something in the past with my tinkering. Button 3 does turn on but button 4 does nothing, but button 3 again works both! The water pump is actually part of my water fed pole window cleaning system, which works great on...
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    Help identify component!!!!!

    Here I have a small transmitter to remotely operate a water pump, it is kind of a "generic" remote cos it has 4 buttons and only 2 are needed, I have also seen a seller in china selling these on ebay listing with multi use. Anyway I have 2 water pumps, and 2 remotes, which work each others...

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