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    Difference between split radix and mixed radix FFT algorithm

    I wanted to know the diff b/w split radix and mixed radix algorithm or are they both same. I also wanted to knw the diff b/w radix 2 ,radix 4 and radix 8 FFT
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    Which is the best FFT algorithm to implement in FPGA

    I wanted to know which is the best algorithm and the reason for choosing the algorithm. If possible i also wanted the vhdl code for the algorithm.
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    How to implement FFT algorithms like radix 2,radix 4 etc in VHDL

    I know i can do that using xilinx IP Cores ,But how do i generate my own design file to compute the fft.
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    [SOLVED] How to intialize a signal in portmap

    for eg i hav entity abc is port(a:in std_logic; b:out std_logic); end abc; architecture component def port(a:in std_logic; b:out std_logic); end def; begin uut:def portmap(a=>, b=>b); end Now if i want to intialize a to '1' then how to do that in...
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    FFT IP core in xilinx

    Hello, I'm new to xilinx.I actually dunno how to simulate FFT in xilinx using IP cores.How to give input for an 8 or 16 bit i/p.How to write a test bench. Plz help me.
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    what is d min freq difference required b/w 2 radio stations(FM) for proper operation

    Also what is stereo exactly and what is it's bandwidth
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    p89v51RD2 : Unable to connect at the specified baud rate,Try reducing the baud rate

    Hello guyz, Recently i bought an 8051 development board and an usb-serial port converter for windows 7 (since my laptop does not have serial port). The problem occurs when i use Flash Magic.When i press ' start ' in flash magic it says 'Unable to connect at the specified baud rate,Try reducing...

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