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    Application Specific IC

    Hello Experts out there, I have a question. I am looking for an application specific IC that converts to and from logic levels. For example, I would like to switch 320mVDC to 5VDC, without changing the reference voltage of 0V. With the restriction of not using negative voltage in the...
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    PlayStation 2 IC chip

    fairchild sd787a Would any one in here have any information about the Playstation 2 embedded IC thats located inside the remote controller for the Playstation 2. I took my playstation 2 remote controller apart and i found the IC # of the IC which is SD787A and the manufacturer is Fairchild...
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    Looking for information on IC part 5D787A-4UP1

    IC information Hello! Im not sure if this is the right place to put this post but i have a question. I would like to know if any one in here knows of a website to find information about an IC part number SD787A-4UP1. Thank You
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    PlayStation Remote Controller

    Hey all!! Im working on a project for school but i need assistance in finding a schematic to reconstruct a playstation two remote controller. Does any one know of a place online to find a schematic for this?
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    Electronic Article with interesting Questions

    I found an electronic article with these following questions and i wanted to know people's opinions and expertise on it: Your car battery is dead and you took it out. You now want to use 8 AA batteries in series to start it. You have been able to connect the 8 batteries in series, and you...

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