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    [SOLVED] memory restriction in keil. plz help

    Build target 'Target 1' assembling mea.asm... linking... BL51 BANKED LINKER/LOCATER V6.22 - SN: Eval Version COPYRIGHT KEIL ELEKTRONIK GmbH 1987 - 2009 "mea.obj" TO "check.a51" RAMSIZE(256) CODE( 0X0000-0X1FFF ) ************************************************** **************************** *...
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    driver ckt for high amperes. plz help

    i m using an Dc motor which require to operate at 12V and 10A to operate properly. and i want to interface my motor with 8051 and i want to control its speed through pwm. so i need a driver ckt which can interface b/w 8051 and motor ??? i also use a 2803 ic for high ampere. but motor is running...
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    [SOLVED] memory restriction in keil. plz help

    Build target 'Target 1' assembling mea.asm... linking... BL51 BANKED LINKER/LOCATER V6.22 - SN: Eval Version COPYRIGHT KEIL ELEKTRONIK GmbH 1987 - 2009 "mea.obj" TO "check.a51" RAMSIZE(256) CODE( 0X0000-0X1FFF ) ****************************************************************************** *...
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    i want to learn PIC. plz help me

    i want to learn pic16. plz provide me easy material or video or link to learn quick and easy way. i really need it to do and as well as need in making final year project. plz help me
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    [SOLVED] why port giving high all the time. plz help. i really need help.

    my 89s51 giving high in all the port except p0. why ? i m using a very simple coding org 0000h setb p2.0 setb p2.1 h1: mov c,p2.0 mov p1.0,c mov c,p2.1 mov p1.1,c sjmp h1 end it should low if p2.0 low so p1.0 should also low. but its give high all the time...
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    [SOLVED] plz help.i not getting what could be problem.

    the is simple ckt for checking the behavior of microcontroller my controller is not giving proper response. if EA=1 so stuck. if EA=open so its response. as well as if i connect capacitors to XTAL so its not give response. using RST button. it work little.see my image. i choose for RST is 10uf...
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    transistor is not getting off through pot

    my problem is that i want to on and off my transistor through pot 100k. but when i turn on power at 100k resistor so it is off. and when i start decrease its resistor when it become 33k ohm so transistor get on. but when i increase its reistor even 100k again. so it doesnt get off. i m using...
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    need isp programmer . plz help me

    i have made 2,3 isp programmer. but 2 isp programmer doesnt work. and but 1 isp prog work.but its give me error normally . i have been tried to use and check it again and again. if somebody have good and easy isp programmer ckt.as well as easy to use. so plz share with me. i really need...
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    Automatic Water Level Controller for Lifting Water from Underground Tank to Overhead

    this ckt is working.but problem is that its not showing correct level of water at seven segment display at the run time until i pressed the reset button. when i pressed the reset button so it show the correct level of water but buzzer will start sound then i dip the lower limit of sump then...
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    solution manual of 8051 microcontroller, mazidi

    i need a solution manual of 8051 microcontroller, mazidi. plz provide me dread.less@live.com
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    read write locked with isp programmer. plz help

    Tutorial Microcontroller MCS-51 ATMEL ISP i m using your isp programmer. its working. but after sometime i used it again.so its giving me error.even that the initialize target is going fine. the device is read/write locked. i used 12 mhz crystal. plz help. i need very much. THANKS
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    Help me solve a problem with powering a LED

    when the output port of p2.0 is open. its output is 5v. but when i connect led. so it doesnt light very well either i connect resistor 220 ohm or not . and 2.0 v occor at output. why its not giving light very well. and when my led connect directly to power supply with resistor. so its light very...
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    solution manual of scott mackenize.

    plz provide me solution manual of scott mackenize . i need urgent. plz email ma at engr.yasir2011@gmail.com
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    serial communication through virtual drive

    i m using pwn to increase and decrease the speed of dc motor. and send the data through hyper terminal. in virtual drive sent and recive sa same. i dont know. what is going on problem. i m giving u ckt diagram plz check it that connection is ok? or coding as well as
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    easy use pcb designing software

    i need a software which is easy to understand, plz help any good software and its help. i used pcb123 here i make schematic then i convert in layout, so i dont understand my pcb easily thats y i didnt like it then i use pcb artist thats good for pcb layout but not good for schematic and its...

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