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    Soil moisture meter , Time domain Reflectometry

    I dug up and disassembled the old soil moisture meter These are two concentric rings made of stainless steel wire, one serving as a transmitting antenna and the other as a receiving antenna. Distance between antennas of the order of 5cm. The output is the voltage corresponding to the soil...
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    From DC TIG inverter to AC and pulse TIG inverter - idea

    I have a welding inverter for TIG, in essence it is a switched current source DC 5-160A. An AC inverter is required for aluminum welding, or the polarity of the electrodes must be changed. Expensive inverters also allow pulse welding with adjustable pulse length and frequency, etc. I don't...
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    Transistor flow measuremnt?

    I'm looking for a way to measure the amount of gas flowing so that it is small and cheap. Gradually I ended up at MAF or Thermo Anemometer. According to my experience, the heated platinum wire has a problem with impurities on its surface, plus I would have to solve how to assign the wire to the...
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    Manganin foil high precise resistor array - homemade?

    I would need 4 very accurate 0.01% and most importantly stable resistors TC 0,2ppm wint high accuracy long life stability.. Such resistances are made, for example, by Vishay and the Z-Foil series . But I would need the resistors to have a very tight thermal relationship . I see the solution in...
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    STM32Fxxx + STM32CubeMX+emWIN from MDK-ARM?

    Anyone using STM32CubeMX with MDK-ARM Pro components? For example I use CubeMX for inicialising STM32F103 and generate project for Keil v5.27 from MDK-ARM I want to add for example graphics library emWIN. MDK-ARM include Manager for Run-Time Environment or I can add emWIN manually or .... In...
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    Gas flow meter + Gas pressure meter + Vacuum meter?

    I have an 8mm hose that flows the gas. Gas is Air or CO2 or Agron. Gas pressure is 0-10bar. 1.Pressure Can you recommend a pressure sensor? 0-10bar, Voltage or digital output, resolution min 12bit, to PCB with 4/6mm hose or direct to 1/8" or 1/4" fitting, low price , I do not resist the...
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    Some questions about low side RF routing and interconnection

    In the project I need to lead RF (low tens of MHz) with power up to 100W. PCB is only two side FR4 (price) and have some uncertainties and questions. Device is close in full metal case. 1. Impedance + DC resistance. For my frequency and 1,6mm FR4 is 50Ohm microstrip on about 3mm width of...
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    How to switch feedback networsk in synchronous Step-Down Voltage Regulator?

    I have synchronous Step-Down Voltage Regulator drives by LM76003 500kHz FB have reference voltage 1V. This power supply has power two Independent Load and I wonder how to switch feedback network pro FB input LM76003 if first load not used FB1 have high impedance. The question is how switch...
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    Choice of capacitors to Impedance Matching Network in RF PA?

    I create 150W PA for fixed frequency undrer 20MHz. On output is LC Impedance Matching Network and I need advice on choosing the type of capacitors. L I create on iron powder size T130 induction around hundreds nH. C is around 900pF and my choice is use 7*150pF parallel. Voltage rating min 4xDC...
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    RF Mosfet Class E PA for Dummies or absolute idiots

    I have about 100W RF PA with MOSFET about class E, and I would like to understand how such a thing is proposed. I looked into books like this or this frankly, more I understand from this Thing simpler and for beginnings i will ignore everything before G MOSFET see in picture. Frequency of PA...
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    CC1101 + SmartRF Studio + old AM HYBRID TRANSMITTER ?

    I started playing with subject. More precise I have cc1101 module any as this for connecting with PC and SmartRF Studio 7 I use ccdebugger ccdebugger and cc1101 module is detect in SmartRF Studio. As transmiter I use wind sensor WS7000-15 this have 433.92MHz transmiter any as this and use...
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    ATX power supply drived by SDG2921 error?

    Hello I have ATX PS drived by SDG2921 STB +5V works fine If I ground PS-ON, Pin 9 REM on IC appears on C1 C2 (7,8) PWM 15us/15us, this PWM drive 2pcs NPN they ground winding of exciting trasnsformer (center is powered +5 from +5STB) and this should control a large NPN on the primary. I thing...
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    Precise current sesnse amplifier.

    I have current shunt 10mOhm on Low side and current though it for example 0-15A. And need sense and amplifi it 20x 30x 60x. My first solution On first stage One Amplifier from AD8672 as differencial Amplifier with Gain 5x On second stage second Amplifier from AD8672 as non inverting...
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    EMI filter design for very low power switching power supply?

    Hello, I have switching power supply for very low output power on 230V is input current 1-2mA and switching frequency 66kHz. In design is on input EMI filer R1+R2+C1, and this ensure compliance with the EN55022 Class B emission limit. I need to redesign it , and new design must have R2=0, I...
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    Transformerless / transformer Power Supply Design?

    I am solving how to power the electronics that must GND at the potential of L network. I need 25mA +3,3V and GND on L1. Device is powered permanently 7/24. The first option is Transformerless Power Supply with C. The second option is small trasnsformer The third option is DC/DC converter from...
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    Furnace control - PID tuning etc.

    Hello, I have high temperature laboratory furnace with resistance heating element 230V/16A switched with SSD, for temperature measurement i have thermocouple type B (optional type K). For more I have in electronics energy meter any Analog Devices and have real information o amount of energier...
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    Control Loop Compensation on Synchronous Buck DC-DC?

    Hello, I have Synchronous Buck DC-DC converter from TI. Controller works on 220kHz with full ceramic output C and error amplifier is in controller IC any as Amplifier is in IC and compensation network is external. For my design is loop calculated thus I want to add regulation CC, I thing...
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    Soft start and current control on TI DC/DC synchronous controller?

    Many inverters from TI have programmable Soft start pin and a any , for example LM5176, use internal this pin for current control too. I would like to use this pin to control the output current in CC output mode for controller without internal current control loop. if I understand correctly SS...
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    High side current sense Amplifer

    I need measure current on high side, max voltage 50V max current 30A shunt 3mOhm Gain min 20 max 50 Bandwith about 100kHz I tried ina168 with Gain 10 (25k resistor), but this amp. have input offset +-2mV and in real was PROBLEM on low current. For current under 500mA was output unstable...
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    Pi or not Pi input filter for AC/DC switching PS?

    What are the Benefits or Disadvantages of Using Pi Aragemnt as on Picture B versus the classic concept as on picture A?

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