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    debussy install in Fedora1.0

    At least I know it works on Fedora 1.0. Not sure about 2.0
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    How to change Synopsys installation directory??

    I believe Synopsys uses absolute path for file link. That's why the program won't work after you move the tool around. Maybe you could just re-install the tool.
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    debussy install in Fedora1.0

    If you choose to install everything, the library file will be there.
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    Error while loading shared libraries in CDSDOC on Linux

    Re: cdsdoc on linux? I had no problem using Linux 9 or Fedora Core 1 to run Cadence tools. Check your settings.
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    REDHAT 9.0 work with EDA tools

    Is there any one who can run C*A*D*E*N*C*E B*U*I*L*D*G*A*T*E under RH9? Every time I started the b*g*_*s*h*e*l*l program, the program crashed with "===>ERROR: An unrecoverable exception has occured (SEGV)."
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    how to manage multi license in linux!

    linux multiple license servers lm_license_file You can do in either way: 1. start each license individually lmgrd -c license1.dat lmgrd -c license2.dat .... 2. merge the license files together into one big file lmgrd -c biglicense.dat Make sure the SERVER line and DAEMON line...
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    How many ASIC design tools have the linux version?

    FPGA tools For FPGA, I think Synplify has Linux version as well, though I havn't used that.

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