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    Electron and hole mobility in semiconductors

    Hi biank88, Can you please send me pierret semiconductor device fundamentals? My email id is chandanc9atgmaildotcom. Thanks and Regards, Chandan
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    Array initialization in SystemVerilog

    Hi All, Why is it not possible to initialize array like reg [7:0] mem [0:3] = '{'h0,'h1,2{'h0}}; :smile:
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    can FPGA kit (spartan 3e) be brought to India by someone?

    fpga kits india Hi friends, I'm new in this field and I want to get some hands on exposure on a kit. I think spartan 3e starter kit from Avnet will be suitable for me. But if I get it delivered to someone in USA can he carry it back to India? If so what are the procedures to be followed? I...

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