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    measurenent of dynamic power in cadence..

    thanks to ur reply..... it is very useful....
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    measurenent of dynamic power in cadence..

    hi ... i am using the cadence to do my project... in cadence how can we measure dynamic power.... please help me... thank you...
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    Needing help with Cadence

    hi...where can i get the process kits and how can i setup the environment varibles.... please help me..
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    Cadence Design Kit help

    cadence design kit i also have sane problem ....please help...
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    Cadence IC5141 installation problems

    the first 4 cds are the update cds of ic5141..u r first installing the update cds of ic5141 .....after it will ask the the base cds of ic5141..the base cds u will get it from the cadence..but u have to be the cadence customer..
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    I can't install Cadence Virtuoso

    virtuoso cadence on linux try to use RHEL TO INSTALL IC5141..
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    IC5141 NCSU kit installation problem

    hi...i have the same problem but with RHEL ENVIRONMENT please help me.. thank you
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    Cadence Virtuoso Spectre

    hi... i think you have the ur working directories in ur cadence installaion directory...once change the working directory the the another..
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    need help in cadence + NCSU CADENCE KIT

    HI... i have installed cadence IC5141 few days back...and also i downloaded the ncsu cdk kit.. when i invoking the icfb through the ncsu directory the error coming is THE ENVIRONMENT VARIABLE CDK_DIR MUST BE DEFINED TO USE THE NCSU CDK.. IT IS NOT DEFINED IN THE CALLING ENVIRONMENT..SO THE NCSU...

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