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    Converting a mono Amp circuit to a stereo Amp for a discman

    Hi, I'm new to electronics, trying to build a headphone amp, the circuit diagram , that I have is for mono-amplication , it states that for stereo you need two circuits. Are the two circuits connected via the earth or the -ve track? Or is one connected to the +ve and the other to the -ve...
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    DIY regulated power source

    Hi, Does anyone have the circuit diagram or know of a kit for a 3.0-4.5V regulated power supply, power source is 3 AA batteries ideally? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Converting circuit diagrams to PCB stripboard layouts

    circuit to pcb converter What is the best way of learning how to read a circuit diagram and convert that to the layout on a PCB, stripboard perfoboard etc?
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    DIY Macro ring light for SLR camera

    diy macro ring light Hi, Building my own macro ring light, with a regulated power supply and 12 LEDs connected in parallel, what is the formula for calculating the current limiter resistor, that I have to connect before each LED and what information do I require to calculate the ohmic value...

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