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  1. yaharoni

    ATMEGA 32 and SIM300DZ external xtal problem

    using rs232 with internal osc is problematic (its not stable enough ) u should use external xtal . i suggest to use a oscilloscope to check bit time (send 0xAA in loop) y
  2. yaharoni

    RPM meter with AT89C51

    if u change lang to C u find "sprintf" will convert int,char,float to decimal string yuv
  3. yaharoni

    how to write into EEPROM of AT89s8252 in C language

    eeprom addressing c code language u can use union in C to convert float to 4 (i think) bytes array so u can store the data char by char to the EEprom the same union can be in use to retrieve the float yuv
  4. yaharoni

    Multiplexed 7-segment display

    if u want your uC do more then just show the number u should use interrupt that scans all 4 7-seg display yuv
  5. yaharoni

    How to interface the keypad encoder IC 74c922 to the 89c51?

    keypad 922 Yes u shuld connect DA to your uC so u can detect key press/release let's say you hit twice "1" key only the DA will change after releasing, pressing again see timing diagram in DS yuv
  6. yaharoni

    Making random numbers with PIC without eeprom data

    RANDOM NUMBER in few applications generating random number using fast counter the value u get is your number vuv
  7. yaharoni

    i need help in microprocessor 8085 interfacing design

    8085 microprocessor interface usually it's better to use uC with internal flash memory like 89c52 or pic18... design using internal flash memory reduse # of component & pcb size (& price) yuv EM: yaharoni at 013.net.il
  8. yaharoni

    Do you know where to get free sample of using I2C with AT89C52 chips?

    i2c gcc hi guys the code from Maverickmax works well (i just use the read option) it's limited to firs 256 bytes good day yuv yaharoni@ 013.net.il
  9. yaharoni

    Protocols for USB web cameras

    usb Web Camera... I'm not sure that what u want but i wrote app that gets the win handle which show the image (from the camera) from the win I have copy the BMP to my app it's more complicated & it may not work but it is possibility yuv
  10. yaharoni

    How to increase ROM size for PIC?

    increasing pic16f877a rom space Try to change compiler options to make your code more compact yuv
  11. yaharoni

    interfacing PC keyboard to uC

    keyboard pc uc interfacing PC keyboard to uC **broken link removed** yuv
  12. yaharoni

    What are Locks bit 1,2,2 in 8051

    these bits bloks reading flash so the device can't be duplicated to modify prog u shuld erase ALL flash content and program it again yuv
  13. yaharoni

    what is the difference between

    ... so 16 bit uC can process more data in quota of time yuv
  14. yaharoni

    Atmel AT89S8252 replacement

    if U r not using EEprom in 89S8252 89S52 will replace it. yuv
  15. yaharoni

    interfacing 89c52 with PC

    I wrote BCB app for win 2000 to access the COMx port I used: sprintf(szCOMport, "COM%d", ComPortNr); // port file name hComm = CreateFile(szCOMport, GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, 0, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL ,//...
  16. yaharoni

    AT89s series (help).......

    note that C51 is not recommended for new designs yuv
  17. yaharoni

    How to most simply translate 8051 IAR too Keil syntax?

    8051 iar to keil syntax if u use KEIL u should define bit by : sbit myDTMF = P4^7; // in and use it in the code as follow if (myDTMF == 0) ... y
  18. yaharoni

    Need data about interfacing LM92 and 8051

    LM92 If you use uC its much easier to use DS1620 digitally transmit the temperature y

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