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    inverter delay with slow ramp input

    inverter ramp input hi, i wonder if anyone can help me with this "inverter delay measurement" problem i have. Normally, textbooks define inverter propagation delay to be = RCln(2), which is the time interval between 50% change in input to 50% output change (CMIIW). Apparently, this formula is...
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    Bit patterns on address and data buses

    I am trying to study the effectiveness of several low power on-chip interconnect techniques. In addition to measuring the propagation delay and its maximum speed achievable, i would also need to test them with input data patterns representing realistic conditions that might be found on real...
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    dynamic logic for buses

    most on-chip buses / interconnects are of static type buses, as opposed to dynamic logic type ones that uses a precharge and evaluation periods. what i want to know is, are there any bus implemented using dynamic logic? and what is the purpose? i know dynamic logic will save space, and it can...
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    cadence analog design environment cant plot current

    cadence plot current i cant make cadence analog design environment to plot current of any instances except a dc voltage source. this is a bit annoying, does anyone know what's going wrong? here's the error message on icfb window: *Warning* Wave10 is not a waveform object that can be...
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    Can drain and source be reversed in FETs?

    My friends and i have some kind of debate. We argue on whether drain and source in FETs are reversible. Which is correct? Can it be reversed? Please explain your arguments, guys :D
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    Atmel Dataflash AT45DB041B: Anyone used them b4?

    dataflash avr butterfly Hi I found a cheap serial DataFlash(R) from Atmel : AT45DB041B. Only about $4. It has 512kbyte of memory, and 264 byte on each page. Anyone here ever used them? I noticed that this Dataflash is also used in Atmel AVR Butterfly. I need to know how to use them using...
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    Problem creating COFF file using WinAVR

    winavr coff Hi I had successfully compiled a C program using AVR-GCC in AVR Studio, but i am confused why can't the BUILD process create the COFF file which is used for simulation within AVR Studio. I am using AVR Studio 3 and not the latest, but second latest WinAVR version. Can anyone help...
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    USB peripheral interfacing + TCP/IP

    atmel fingerchip sell My project is to build a fingerprint scanner system using the following components: - fingerprint scanner and smart card reader module (USB connection) - keypad - LCD module - TCP/IP capabilities Complete commercial products with the above specs are available in the...

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