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    getting data from RS232 and sending using XBee

    using xbee Hello there! I would like the following question In some days from now i will get a device exporting its data to RS232 and can be coonected through a cable to my PC. I can read the data using LabVIEW. Can i connect its RS232 output to an XBee - programmed in Transparent Mode...
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    Looking for HITEX example code for LPC2468

    Hi there! I would like to have some example code on LPC2468. Specially i would like to have the HITEX example code on LPC2468. Can somebody upload something? Thanks
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    automatic control of aircraft and missiles

    may someone upload the following book: automatic control of aircraft and missiles - Wiley please help!
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    How to implement I2C with ADS ?

    hi there! I have some sensors all exporting analog ouputs. To be exaxt i have: 1 :: 3-axis accellerometer 3 :: Gyros 1 :: Compass and i want to output their values to I2C. Can you give an implementation either on PIC AVR or ARM ?? Thanks in advance
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    Problem with using Test/Query of Xbee Pro module

    I am using an Xbee - Pro module and the USB Xbee Xplorer from SparkFun. When i am trying to Test/Query the modem the following message appears: "Unable to communicate with modem" What shall i do to solve my problem??
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    How to control a servo using LabVIEW?

    Hi there! I would like to control a Servo using LabVIEW. Can anyone give me some basic guidelines or even links or books???
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    How to find CMOS capacitances?

    Hello there... I have upload a picture of two chained cmos inverter using SCMOS rules. Can someone explain me how to find capacitances: Cgd1 Cgd2 Cgate(NMOS at second inverter) Cgate(PMOS at second inverter) PLEASE HELP!!! (image found at: https://images.elektroda.net/13_1157409570.JPG )
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    Parallel programming with sockets

    Hi there, I am trying to implement a numerical recipe in parallel using Sockets (UNIX) or WinSockets (Windows). I really have no idea and i would like you to help me... It would be really usefull if someone could upload: - a book - an example code of a numerical recipe implemented in parallel...
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    Which are the hot topics today?

    hot topics in power electronics According to your opinion which are the most hot topics for an electrical engineer today? PLZ follow this scheme: - hot topics in Power Systems - hot topics in Electronics and Computers - hot topics in Tellecomunications - hot topics in Automation and...
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    Help me with a matrix in Matlab programming

    Programmin help! Hi there i have this matrix: 1 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 -1 1 6 6 6 1 -1 -1 -1 1 6 6 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 -1 -1 1 6 6 1 1 -1 -1 -1 1 6 6 1 1 -1 -1 -1 1 1 1 5 what i want to do is to give a special number to each special region: - you can...
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    PLZ HELP! Mathematics(TSP)!

    tsp maths formulation Hi there! I'm working on some robotics and i use the Traveling Salesman Problem to make some paths. At the moment i'm trying to model this game: the salesman starts from a city (say 1) and has n cities to travel but he has only T time units. Assuming that every travel...
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    need help in an algorithm

    hi, Suppose you had a matrix called subsets that has all possible and connected permutations of some cells in a grid. That means that if you had 9 moves then the matrix called subsets has 9 entries with numbers that show which cells are visited and with which order. This matrix is very long! In...
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    How to use a C code as a function in Matlab ?

    MATLAB help! urgent! hi there! i have write down a code in c... it exports a linked list of structures.... i want to use it as a function in matlab and i want to export that list as a matrix.... does anybody know how????
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    Help me implement an algorithm in Matlab !

    matlab question! I'm facing problems trying to implement an algorithm i have been thinking in matlab... Here's what i want to do... I have a number of cells(say n cells) (or cities, or points or whatever). The cells are not all connected each other. Some cells are connected with some neighbor...
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    code for addition of two 16-bit number in assembly 8086

    8086 douglas hall Hi there... Can anyone suggest and upload a good book for the 8086 family? I have some knowledge on 8085... Thanks a lot!
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    traveling sailsman probelm

    sailsman problem hello do you know about the travelibg sailsman problem??? If anyone has any info to give please upload...
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    Looking for books about autonomous robots

    Autonomous Robots Hello there.... Does anyone know anything about autonomous robots? Moreover any books would be a nice help!!! Thanks a lot!!!
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    MATLAB questions about using PI controller at Simulink

    MATLAB question! hi there! i would like to ask 2 matlab questions.. a) i want to use a PI controller at Simulink... obviously the Continious time parameters are different... My values are Kp=6 , Ki=2... What values should i enter at simulink??? b) i have a vector of elements and i want to...
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    Help me with robot position error formula

    Robot position error Hi there... I have a question to state: I'm working on a project (3R Planar manipulator) and at the final point i have to caluclate (and thus minimize) an error based on position and final angle difference. The error has the formula below: error=∑[i=1->N](ei^2) +...
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    How to find values inside a matrix in Matlab ?

    Search a matrix i have a question: i want to check if some values are inside a matrix in MATLAB.... how can i do this without writing loops ... does there stand a find command (i wish i could right find(this number, in this matrix) ).... thanks in advance!!!

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