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    RFID tag reader using CC1101

    Hi, I am trying to use CC1101 IC to read UHF RFID tags at ~868MHz. I have only seen EPC gen 2 Class 1 rfid tags for that range. Can I use CC1101 transceiver to read those tags? If not can I read any sort of RFID tags using this chip? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks a lot in advance.
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    LinkIt Connect 7681 WiFi module's usage as SPI slave

    Hi, I want to interface LinkIt Connect 7681 with another board that provides SPI interface. In the API description of LinkIt Connect it is written that the SPI interface provided can be used to interface a 1MB flash memory with the board there is no information about whether it can be used as a...
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    Problem compiling TCPIP stack with 18f4620

    Hi, I tried to compile microchip's TCPIP stack version 5.36.4 with my hardware containing 18f4620+ENC28j60.... But I am having troubles with it.... It gives me error that says: C:\Microchip Solutions v2011-10-18\Microchip\TCPIP Stack\ENC28J60.c:208:Error [1105] symbol 'SSP1CON1' has not been...
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    Help me debug my PICKIT2 clone....

    Hi.. I made a PicKit2 clone based on the following schematic... When I connect this circuit to my PC and open MPLAB to connect PICKIt2 I see that the busy LED keeps on blinking and MPLAB keeps on loading... even if I wait for hours nothing happens until I disconnect PicKit2.... On...
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    search for a function for ROI processing........

    Hi all, I want to locate all the portions in an image that are of white color.... I just want to know that is there a function in matlab which takes input a level and returns us the value of pixels that contain values higher than that level. If there is any other way to do this please let me...
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    Help required using ENC28J60.....

    Hi, I am back.. Nowadays I am working to learn PIC to PC interface via ethernet.... I have started studying various ethernet concepts and ENC28J60.... But I am having few confusions..... If I want to control only few LEDs via ethernet, what would be the basic steps to do... I want a step by step...
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    How to start on USB with PIC

    I have been given the task to learn USB communication between PIC and PC. I have studied a little bit of PIC microcontroller using PICBASIC but I am new to handle PIC using C language. Therefore I need you guys to help me out that how should I start??
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    Problem with program that toggles portb every second in HI Tech C compiler

    Hi everyone, I have recently started using PIC with C, but I am having some problems. I was trying to make a first test program that toggles portb every second. The simulation works fine but when I tried it in real world nothing happen. I am a using a JDM programmer and Hi Tech C compiler...
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    Substitute for IRF9z34

    My area's electronic component dealer is out of IRF9z34..... So, I need a replacement for it can anyone tell me its equivalent.......
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    PIC laptop programmer

    can anyone help me out.. I want to make a PIC programmer which can work on laptop. I have a serial port on my laptop. So can anyone suggest me any kind of schematic or something...... I will be really thankfull
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    Distance calculation b/w camera and object using matlab

    Hi, Can anybody help me. I want to measure the distance between an object and the camera through which the snap has been taken. I've came to know that using the actual area of the object I can calculate the distance using some technique. All I want to know is that technique. And if one can...
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    colour image processing

    I am using matlab to do Image processing. Actually, I have to process only four images, in three of them I have only to detect that which colour (red, green, yellow) is present in the image. In the fourth image, there will be three dots (red, green, yellow) and I will have to check which one is...
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    [SOLVED] Image Processing using matlab

    I wanna do image processing using matlab. actually i want make an image processing based robot. So if any one can help by referring any kind of tutorials or books. O and let me mention that i have recently started using matlab so i am a basic learner.............

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