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  1. ck84

    Which 802.11 radio can be controlled by SPI?

    Hi McShamrock, I already sent to you the details that you request in your personal email. Please respond to me at ckhuc@swri.org. Thank you.
  2. ck84

    Which 802.11 radio can be controlled by SPI?

    I am sure that broadcom, atheros, marvell all have them. The problem is they don't come in a development board, and if they do, the documentation and drivers are very difficult to obtain. Thanks anyway.
  3. ck84

    Looking for Marvell 88W8686 documentation

    I need the data sheet or any documentation related to configuring and programming the 88W8686. Can anyone please help? I will greatly appreciate your effort.
  4. ck84

    Bluetooth / 802.11 embedded module

    How about 802.11 embedded radio? I am looking for one that is very easy to use. Does anyone know of one? Thanks.
  5. ck84

    Which 802.11 radio can be controlled by SPI?

    802.11 spi Hi everyone, I am working on a project in which I need to buy an 802.11 a or g radio that can be configured and controlled completely by SPI (serial peripheral interface). Do you have any suggestions for me? It has to be a radio (MAC and PHY only, no TCP/IP stack on top). I...
  6. ck84

    How can a device get an IP address?

    IP address? It doesn't. You have to assign one to it. An IP is usually a group of 4 numbers like It is completely up to you to decide which address a device will get. Then you configure your switch or router to handle the routing.
  7. ck84

    Sample code for an ADF4111 sysnthesizer.

    Can you please give us the link? I appreciate your help.
  8. ck84

    Looking for a book on matpower

    book on matpower Can you please give more details?
  9. ck84

    Op-amp as voltage-divider?...

    opamp divider But the gain will be negative. So be careful if your circuit doesn't have reverse protect. I will use the op amp as an adder of two or more other op amps with both inverting and non-inverting gains.
  10. ck84

    Looking for book on electrical drives by Dubey

    book requested go to gigapedia.com. They have tons of books there.
  11. ck84

    what is main deffrent between GSM and CDMA

    What are the frequency of GSM and CDMA? Can someone advise me?
  12. ck84

    Right half plane zero and right half plane pole??????

    A right half plane zero only change the gain of the system. A rhp pole will cause the system unstable because it amplifies high frequency noise.
  13. ck84

    how to turn and stop a toy car? HELP ME!!..pls

    toy car stop exact What kind of motor are you using? Stepper motor? If yes, you can turn 90 degree by simply rotating only 1 wheel and keep the other one stationary.
  14. ck84

    remote control for presentation slides

    I think he want to redo the project himself. So if anyone has a schematic or block diagram, it will be really helpful.
  15. ck84

    CMOS Analog Circuit Design

    I think you should look in ebooksclub.org.
  16. ck84

    Need on robotic toolbox in matlab

    I wonder if anyone has examples of how to use the robotic tool in matlab. I already read the pdf tutorial but still confused. So please give some matlab files that you have done using the robotic toolbox so that I can look at and learn. Thank you very much.
  17. ck84

    best books in various subjects?

    the sadiku textbook is probably the bes one for circuit analysis: Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 3 edition (July 21, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 0073301159 ISBN-13: 978-0073301150
  18. ck84

    Hints for building USB battery charger for iPod

    Hello everybody, I am trying to build a USB battery charger for my iPOD shuffle. Can anybody give me a hint? I will greatly appreciate your help.
  19. ck84

    software for writing out equations??

    I have a friend who had the same problem like you, bantamm. He goes on microsoft and download the Microsoft Equation. So now he is fine. I think you should do the same thing.
  20. ck84

    Permeability measurement help requested

    I really appreciate it.

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