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    high level DSP FFT question

    I am no DSP expert, but as far as I know there was DFT before FFT. DFT takes much longer time than FFT. Spec an is a time domain to frequency domain converter and I am pretty sure it uses FFT internally because fast conversion is required.
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    Best FFT / IFFT implementation for FPGA/ASIC ???????

    I don't know what type of FFT you need to have, but for streaming FFT, take a look at Radix-2^2 FFT. It was easier to implement than radix-4 FFT, but had the same performance as radix-4.
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    Reference on Adaptive Filtering and parallel filtering

    Hi all, I am trying to understand what Adaptive Filtering is. Can anyone point me to a good reference on it please? From what I read, I learned that it is a filtering technique which uses changing (adapting) coefficients and used for voice processing, etc. It would be great if someone can point...
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    Help Regarding Image processing in VHDL or any other HDL Language.

    I've heard that it would be discontinued... When I checked their website, it says it has been discontinued. Out of curiosity, why do you want to generate VHDL code when you already have netlist?
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    Help Regarding Image processing in VHDL or any other HDL Language.

    I don't think there is such as such a tool. If you code your .m file in certain way, you can convert it to netlist using System Generator or DSP Builder. If you use AccelDSP, it allows you to use more matlab functions which can be synthesized. But, I haven't heard that there is a Matlab to VHDL...
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    magnitude response across any two points in simulink model

    Can't you just put a spectrum scope?? Sorry, I don't know exactly what you mean...
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    Verification of the term used to describe Digital Filters "Taps"

    Isn't it the same as multiplication? More taps can make a filter sharper, but probably take more resources such as multipliers or computation time.
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    Dynamic range and SFDR of DDS

    Hi all, I have a design question on DDS. I designed a DDS in VHDL. The dynamic range of it is about 108dB, but SFDR is about 64dB. I wonder if it makes sense to have the dynamic range of 108 DB, while SFDR is only 64dB... When I designed it, I tried to fully utilize one block memory. That's...
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    Hilbert transform and down sampling

    All, Thanks again. I have a bunch of FFTs and other blocks which expect to see complex signal in downstream. Yes, I agree that band pass signal can be used. however, if the center frequency of the band pass signal is at fs/4 in my example, it will suffer from aliasing, if I downsample it by 2...
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    Hilbert transform and down sampling

    Thanks again for your reply. Yes, there are benefits by doing so. In my application, I get two consecutive samples in parallel. By reducing the sampling rate by 2, I can deal with one stream of data in downstream. Also, I need to have complex signal anyway for downstream DSP blocks. Thanks...
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    Hilbert transform and down sampling

    Thank you for your reply. Let me try to explain better. Assuming my spectrum from real signal is spread from -fs/2 to fs/2, when I get rid of one of the two sides of a spectrum by Hilbert Transform, It can be down sampled by 2, I think. I was not sure how it can be done without shifting the...
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    Hilbert transform and down sampling

    Hello, I am a DSP newbie and have question about downsampling after Hilbert transform. I have a real signal coming into the system and i am going to use Hilbert transform FIR filter to make analytic signal. Then, since I have only one sided spectrum, I am going to down sample it by 2. And...

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