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    Design of a VGA for commercial TV preamplifier

    Hello all. Does anybody know how to design the typical VGA for a commercial TV preamplifier? In the picture attached, i dont know if the trimmer (7 to 22 dB) is a variable resistor or a variable capacitor. How does it work? Thank you.
  2. J

    [SOLVED] LNA with bypass switching

    Hi all. I have implemented on PCB the circuit attached (LNA with bypass) but it's not working properly. If I open the circuit at node VA, and apply an external voltage of 5V, as a control analog signal of the switch, the bypass is done by the two switches (SW1 and SW2), each one is in the state...
  3. J

    noise figure at different frequencies

    How to calculate noise figure for frequency F1 in the following system? RXin@F1 -> LNA -> MIXER1 -> AMP@F2 -> MIXER2 -> DRIVER -> TXout@F1 F1 es the same frequency for RXin and TXout. Mixer1 downconverts F1 to F2 (intermediate frequency), and Mixer2 upconverts F2 to F1, where F2<<F1 How is...
  4. J

    FM Modulator with PLL

    Hello all, in a FM modulator with PLL, I wonder if someone knows the ratio which is usually used between the PFD (phase frequency detector) and the DC modulating frequency. I think PFD must be greater than the DC modulating frequency, otherwise PLL will not work. Is that true? Does anyone know...
  5. J

    OFDM Receiver: DSP/FPGA Delay Time

    Hello all, I want to carry out an experiment which consists of "operating" a digital TV channel in the UHF band in order to remove/add contents. The DTV channel is 64QAM, 8MHz bandwidth, 8K subcarriers. After de decoder, the DSP/FPGA will deal with the streams, and then will be encoded again...

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