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    2 e-i transformers to one e-e transformer

    Hi, I have two E-I MOTs with slightly different sizes of the magnetic cores and I would like to rewind them to a single E-E transformer. Thus my question is - given the difference in the sizes, would it help if I vertically add the "I"-parts to bring the both cores to the same dimensions -...
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    PIC18F and PWM problem

    Hi, I am trying to implement a PWM on a PIC18F6585. After setting up the PWM registers I get to control the PWM Period and PWM Duty Cycle successfully. 'PWM_SETUP TRISC.2 = 1 'Configure P1A as input PR2 = 12 'Set PWM period to 2 uS / 500kHz CCP1CON =...
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    [SOLVED] P-channel fet driver problem

    Hello, I am trying to figure it out why the following circuit is not working properly in reality while in theory should work. It is a P-CHANNEL FET driver shifting the gate voltage within the limits of the MOSFET. The input (R39) is a 5v control signal and in my simulation at R37 it should...
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    Proteus - How to speed up zone regeneration?

    Hello, I am working on a large PCB with lots of traces and copper fill as ground plane. My PC has an 8-core AMD at 4GHz, 16GB RAM and fast NVIDIA GPU. In the display options I am using hardware acceleration. Problem: - Every time I move a trace or make a change affecting the plane, the entire...
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    Pulse Peak Track Hold And Reste circuit

    Pulse Peak Track Hold And Reset circuit Hello, I want to measure the peak value of short pulses (close to Gaussian form and about 0.5 - 1 usec duration) spaced at least 50 - 100 usec from each other. I came up with the attached circuit where the first amplifier tracks the peak value and the...
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    [SOLVED] Buffering negative voltage through OPAMP?

    Hello, I am buffering a -5v reference with an OPAMP and I have a split power supply +9v and -9v, referenced to ground. So I was wondering if in this case it would make any difference if the positive supply (V+) of the OPAMP is connected either to +9v or to GND while the negative supply (V-) is...
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    [SOLVED] 16x2 LCD - 3.3v modification IC?

    Hi, I have some 16x2 LCDs and want to modify few of them to 3.3v specifications. The only difference between the 5v and the 3.3v version is the missing U3, C1, C2 and disconnected J1. So any idea what U3 as indicated on the picture might be? Thanks - - - Updated - - - Ok, found it - U3 is...
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    SIM900 - Solution found to random reseting or not detecting the SIM

    Hi, I am just sharing some information with the hope that it could be useful to people having this common problem with the SIM900. After fighting with the random restarting of the SIM900 module for couple of days, finally found the problem and I am posting my solutions to that. PROBLEM1...
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    Transceiver RX/TX on the same pin with external LNA and PA?

    Hi, I am trying to make a RF transceiver with an external LNA and PA while sharing the same antenna. This transceiver module has one RF input/output and the software registers switch the pin function between receiving and transmitting. So my questions are: - I was wondering if my approach of...
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    2 power output paths (reduced and full) from the same transmitter controlled by MCU

    Hello, I have experience in the digital domain but almost none in the analog domain. So I need some advise on the following issue. I have a design with micro controller and small FM transmitter (I am using FM module with no option to regulate the power output) where the RF output is connected...
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    OOK RF Module USART transmission and MCU ADC as noise rejection algorithm

    USART transmission through OOK RF Module and MCU ADC as noise rejection filter Hi, Just wanted to share my project and solution for coping with the noise in OOK RF modules. Not sure if this was discussed before and certainly someone thought of this long before me but I couldn't find much of...

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