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    Ecg semiconductor master replacement guide

    Hello! I'm trying to buy the book Philip ECG semiconductor master replacement guide. I have looked in Amazon, etc, etc and it is not available. Whre ca I find it? Thanks
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    Radar Cross section - I need a research paper

    RCS ???? Radar Cross section is what ?? Why a research was done on this topic ?? I need a research paper on this .... Plz Help ???
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    SCR - what is SCR??? need explanation

    SCR what is SCR???
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    instantaneous,peak,peak 2 peak and rms walue

    what is difference b/w instantaneous value ,peak value ,peak 2 peak value and rms value???
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    ohm's law 4 magnetic circuits

    what is the ohm's law for magnetics circuits???
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    What is the difference between magnetism and electromagnetism?

    what is the difference b/w magnetism and electromagnetism
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    open n closed circuit

    what is mean by an open n closed circuit???
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    The definition of voltage

    what is voltage???
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    What are the interrupts?

    what is interrupts???

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