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    dell pp37 no backlight

    If the capacitor is continuously buzzing, assuming this is a continuity test, then it means that the capacitor is a short.
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    Help with general component identification please

    in order for anyone to be able to help you, you need to post a picture of the part you want to find a replacement or to identify..
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    tektronix 2246 fault needing help

    My first thought would have been the X-Y Mode ( a dot showing )
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    circuitry solution needed

    If I understood well your problem is that you want to measure mains fluctuations.. what about using an opto-coupler!
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    need schematics for hp model pe1236

    don't have the schematic, but it seems to me that it could be a cable or connector fault. please explain how this fault came about. cheers
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    what is loading effect

    Since S1 has an internal pull-down, the external trigger source appears to have a large output resistance, try for testing purpose to connect S1 to the local 3.3V source..and see if you have the same reading..
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    what is loading effect

    If you connect 3.3V at J2 power connector you'll get 1.9V at the input of your 5V regulator!
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    what is loading effect

    Hi, I think this is due to a lack of enough current available. Could you tell me what's the rating of your supply at the power connector input?
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    what is loading effect

    A quick look at your circuit, reveal a problem, according to the AP89010 data-sheet the IC operates at 3.3V, but then you're connecting a 5V dc to pin 15 SBT..! and it should be 3.3V too. pin number 10 is a select pin and yes you can stick a 3.3V via a push button for example to trigger a...
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    do anyone design simple photoelectric smoke detector circuit b4?

    I think the idea is to have the emitter facing the receiver inside of a closed box. this box eventually has an opening from where the smoke can get in and thus will block the emitter and the receiver
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    what is loading effect

    Is it possible to show us a diagram of your circuit? Source of problem could be: 1): your 3.3V source current is not enough for your circuit 2): Your circuit has a faulty component or design error
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    micro controller interfacing.............

    I believe you could, check if you're 12 Bit ADC has the option of sending data as 2x8bits, as some do which will enable to connect it directly to one port of you Micro-controller, otherwise you're still able to do connect your 12 bits outputs directly, but this time you will be using two input...
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    Help with a circuit.....

    it appears that the circuit "in my opinion" act as an instrumentation differential amplifier, with the lower OP-AMP mounted as a buffer in the feedback loop to monitor the load. for the POTS, if the idea is to simulate a differential input as to measure the CMRR then it would be ideal if this...

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