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    anyone have ever use "melsec a1shCPU with GX developer v.8"??

    i need to build a ladder program with this PLC (A1shCPU from mitsubishi) and use GX Developer v.8 as the software. if u can help me with the list of relay an timer simbols that i can use from this PLC, since i need a relay, timer to build this program. and if you could help me, how should i...
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    [SOLVED] please help me to read this capacitor value

    okay this question seems so stupid, i also embaressed to ask it, but i really need it. my capacitor value writen as "1U0J100" it is a square-look capactior. so anybody can tell me how much farad it is?
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    help to use a wireless serial comm with TLP and RLP 315Mhz (from Laipac)

    i use TLP and RLP 315Mhz produced by laipac to send and receive serial data. the plan is i send data from my PC use hyperterminal on Comport 1, then comport 1 connect to RS232, RxOut connect to TLP tx pin, then the data should be receive by my RLP that connected to my MCU and the data displayed...
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    [SOLVED] selecting an IC buffer

    I need an IC buffer to keep the voltage from my micro high. When I program my micro to produce a high logic "1" (3.5-5v) I only get that much when i haven't connectt my micro to the device i need to control. because after i contact it to my device the voltage drop to the level 0.8-1.6V even i...
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    [SOLVED] produce pwm pulse with asm for mcs 51 At89S51

    hi everyone, i currently working my task to make a driver motor DC circuit include with the PWM program with asm of course. My circuit has already working with condition i use VCC from my micro port for the pin EN, and PWM, so it run at full speed (100%), but when i try to make a program to...

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