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    Help me simulate circuit with 6n136 optocoupler

    need to run a simulation for a circuit that contains the optocoupler 6n136 can any one help... thx
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    Single to Dual power supply

    tl497 it's a switching voltage regulator, you can use it in a step-up , step-down or inverting mode
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    how to calculate the R-2R ladder

    use the delta-star transformation
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    Measuring noisy voltage

    if the problem is the islation, then try to use an optocoupler
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    What do u think about Electronics workbench?

    try orcad 10.5 it's the best choice
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    Isolation problems in transmitting analog signal optically

    isolation problem ok it's simply : i want to transmit a digital signal from a circuit to a another far located circuit witout using electrical cables .. that means i need to use a fibreoptic
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    Isolation problems in transmitting analog signal optically

    isolation problem i may modulate the signal and send a digital signal (pwm for example ), so the non-linearity is not a problem... actually what i need is simply an optocoupler, but the medium that carrys the light between the trnasmitter and the receiver is a fibreoptic ...
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    Isolation problems in transmitting analog signal optically

    isolation problem i need to plcae the transmitter away form the reciever, and to connect them using a fibreoptic
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    Isolation problems in transmitting analog signal optically

    for isolation purposes, i need to transmit an analog signal optically, i know that there's photodiodes and phototransistors that can be connected using a fibre optic but i cant find any ..can any one give me a link to the datasheet of sush a thing ..
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    Help me build AVR USB programmer

    i want to build an AVR in-system-programmer that connects to PC through the USB...can help?
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    Wien Bridge oscillator

    may i suggest this ... the limiting voltage here is 5 Volt
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    need a good c compiler for PICs

    and does it have a code wiazard .. or do you think that there's no need for that
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    Problem with read back with 16-bit ADC adc78xx

    Re: 16-bit ADC adc78xx hi ahmet .. are you sure of the number ... cause as far as i knoe it's a 8 bit ADC
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    suggest any book for Analog electronic

    hi susheelk.. try : Microelectronic Circuits by Adel S. Sedra K. C. Smith it's an excellent book
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    need a good c compiler for PICs

    hello psmll... it's dsPIC33FJXXXMCX06/X08/X10 ..
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    need a good c compiler for PICs

    i need a good c compiler for PIC microcontroller, and if posible with a reliable code wizard.....thx
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    How to choos decoupling capacitor sizes

    it depends on the ac/dc converter and the load, any way if the ac/dc converter is a full wave rectifier try this: C=(I*T)/(2*Vripple) C : is the capacitance I : is the maximum load current Vripple : peak-to-peak ripple voltage T : the period of the ac voltage finally...
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    suggest a microcontroller

    try ATmega64 or ATmega128, or you can visit the atmel's site and search for the optimum choice
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    USB Interface, using FT232R

    ft232r interfejs check ft245bBM , it is capable of reahing 1M Byte /s using the D2xx driver. make sure to install the driver so that your application will see the the device as usb device, and not as a vitual com.
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    need help with orcad10.5

    what settings in th xp will affect the Vstim . after editing the settings and exiting the schematic is never affected

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