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    What is difference between electro-magnetic radiation & electro-magnetic wave ?

    In radio frequency communication & other wireless communication systems we use electro-magnetic waves associated with antenna & transmission lines. In spectroscopy we have UV-Visible electro-magnetic radiation. Generated by black body radiator tungsten lamp or halogen lamp. we have...
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    What is difference between molecular electronics & Nano electronics ?

    How molecular electronics is related with Nano electronics..?
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    what is Electronic CAD ?

    I am totally new to Electronic CAD. Can someone explain ?
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    Applications of Audio Amplifier

    what are all possible applications of audio amplifier ?
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    Difference Mobile travel charger/ power adapter/simple charger

    want to know exact difference between three
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    what is power adapter ?

    How it is different from mobile charger & mobile travel charger ?
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    Want to understand following specification terms for Home Theater 2.1

    Need to know exact definition of following terms.. PMPO output, Source input, Frequency response, S/N ratio, Distortion, Output Power, Separation, Input sensitive, Hum-noise output, Satellite impedance, Subwoofer impedance, Power consumption, Power supply SMPS Type, Satellite Dimension...
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    Is Home Theater an example of embedded systems ??

    It has DSP board with audio amplifier for surround sound amplification.Many embedded systems use DSPs. https://www.academia.edu/3099819/Applications_Of_Embedded_System It is mentioned that Audio systems are embedded. Any inputs..??
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    Looking for 2.1 Home Theater Technical specifications

    I am seriously interested in 2.1 Home Theater for entrepreneurship.As a part of homework, i want to study basics of Audio Engineering.Looking for 2.1 Home Theater Technical specifications
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    Difference between Computer speakers, multimedia speakers, Bluetooth speakers ?

    How they are related with Home Theater speakers ??
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    How piezo actuators work ??

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    what is high-definition display ??

    How it is different from conventional displays ?? I am referring with Chromecast - digital media player developed by Google. The device, a 2.83-inch (72 mm) HDMI dongle, plays audio/video content on a high-definition display by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network.
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    What is Opto-Electronics ??

    A field of technology that combines the physics of light with electricity. Optoelectronics encompasses the study, design and manufacture of hardware devices that convert electrical signals into photon signals and vice versa. Any device that operates as an electrical-to-optical or...

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