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    Installing LINUX Distribution updates files

    Hello Linux PlayMate: I have a question, in fact, a trivial one. Not sure where to start. Hope you can give me a few spare time of yours; guiding me through the process of updating my Linux laptop. Let's start. I have a laptop installed with SUSE 9.1 pro from the official disk. I am...
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    FPGA Advantage with Node locked Licence without network conn

    Re: FPGA Advantage with Node locked Licence without network use your hard disk host=disk_serial_num (not sure about the correct syntax, double check, your home work)=???? Check Flexlm user manual (perform a search). Or, give your laptop a flex-id (may requires installation of flex-id...
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    What's the Best Linux For EDA tools ?

    Somethiong about Redhat Linux upgrade Hello. So far, I have been using Windows based EDA tools. I am beginning to explorer the power offered by Linux. I chose Redhat Linux 7.3 distribution. I have soome newbies questions. Q1. Do I need to upgrade my Linux installation with the latest...
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    Suitability of EDA Windows tools for SoC (large design)

    Helo. Please, I hope this is NOT a no-brainer discussion. I would like to know if any those IC power house is running Windows based EDA for their IC/SoC design. I do know that most EDA tool (except Synopsys notably) supports multi-platform tool. I am Windows power user and have been using...
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    ModelSIM training material

    modelsim fli examples ModelSim User Conference 2003 URL:// **broken link removed** A G E N D A 1. ALL PRESENTATIONS (Zip file 12.8M) 2. Improving Verification in HDL Design - Brian Bailey (pps file 990K) 3. FPGA Onboard - Andy Watts (pps file 1.9M) 4. ModelSim 5.7 Technical Update -...
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    Forte Design QuickBench release 6.1 License request

    I need license for Forte Design QuickBench release 6.1 or greater. Can you help
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    REDHAT 9.0 work with EDA tools

    More Detail on Linux Setup Hello. Ideally, I would like to install latest release of Redhat Linux installation on my PC. Oh, I like what I see on Redhat Linux 9.0. To the worse, I would accept Redhat Linux 8.0. I had tried installing version 7.2, the install didn't go smoothly as I have...
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    ModelSIM training material

    modelsim training Hello. I am looking for ModelSIM training materials that is used for ModelSIM Basic and Advanced Training Classes. I did gathered few ModelSIM PowerPoint SLIDES from ModelSIM User Conferences 2002 and 2003. I think some formal training material on the tool is USEFUL and...
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    transeda_verification.navigator.2002.01 onwards

    Review on Verification Navigator VN 6.2.2 Finally, I manage to use this newer tool. Got VHDLCover and VeriSure version 5.00; these older versions certainly do not appealing. Nasty! With VN version 6.2.2 up and running, I am impressed with its first look. Verification Navigator rocks! Go...
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    Safelogic_ModelSIM Add-on tools( Monitor , Verifier )

    Hello Can someone share these files. regards, saholiang@yahoo.com
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    transeda_verification.navigator.2002.01 onwards

    Hello. Wondering if I could share your license for VN2002.01 products. regards saholiang@yahoo.com

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