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    Where can I find a good book for cordic algorithm ?

    Re: req numerical algorithm link is given below http://www.mcu.cz/atm/index.php?&direction=0&order=&directory=UsersFiles/mhmhmh/DSPwithFPGA see also the links posted earlier on this group i m posting some of the links again http://www.andraka.com/cordic.htm...
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    Where can I find a good book for cordic algorithm ?

    Re: req numerical algorithm u can find it in a book called dsp with fpga, this book is available in mcu for free downloading. pimr
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    Implementing neural network on FPGAs

    Re: Neural network on FPGA? if u intend to fix the layers(say 3) and number of weights they can be implemented by using multiple FIR kind of structure(though i have not implemented them!) also which algorithm u r planning to use to train them? or u r going to implement them after training...
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    estimation of gates for dsp core

    hi, i need to implement a dsp core(say tms320c55x of ti or blackfin core of analog though theses r not available!) together with some additional algorithms on fpga could anyone suggest the estimate of number of gates required for it and which family of xilinx should i choose...

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