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  1. Maverickmax

    Cheap LCD module & Tutorials

    Hi circuit guys If you want to buy cheap LCD modules, Press and Peel and other electronic components, please check https://uk.ebid.net/items/MaverickElecontron Also tutorials about LCD module, please go to https://maverickelectronic.blogspot.co.uk/ Have fun coding guys maverickmax
  2. Maverickmax

    3 Phase AC Input & DC PSU

    Hi I am a bit unclear on one aspect of designing the system. Firstly I have a dc power suplly which produce 200V @ maximum 200A (40kW). The DC power supply unit needs 3 phase 415V input. So what is the maximum fuse should I for 3 phase AC input? Also what is the maximum current rating...
  3. Maverickmax

    Hyperterminal for Window Vista

    Hi Since moving to Window Vista, I need a hypertermnal with setting multibuttons for my microcontroller's debug. Do you know any good software? Regards MM
  4. Maverickmax

    Converting to Hex to Code?

    Guys My friend has lost his asm file for PIC project but he had the codes inside his PIC chip. I have managed to read the content from device and save as Hex file. Now how can I convert the hex into readable code in terms of ASM? I have attached the hex file. MM
  5. Maverickmax

    Bootstrap Capacitor Calculation Problem - help

    Hi I am currently learning how to calculate the bootstrap capacitor for IR2110 Application. So far I have identified every parameters apart from one: Qgate 27E-06 Frequency 21600 Icbs(leak) 0 Qls 5.00E-09 Vcc 14 Vf 0.78 Vls 4.5 Iqbs(max) 230E-06 Vmin ?? I use the forumla from Application Note...
  6. Maverickmax

    High and Low Level engineering

    Hi I keep hearing the words such as high level and low level electronic/software/control engineering crpping up in various documents and job adverts. Can you please kindly tell me what are they? What is the different between high and low level in terms of software, electronic and control...
  7. Maverickmax

    Selenium Rectifier Module

    Hi I have a selenium rectifier with me and I need to know how to test it with DMM to confirm it is working or not. Do you know anything about it? Regards MM
  8. Maverickmax

    Dual Diode Module - unexpeted voltages

    Dual Diode Module Hi I have measured my dual diode with diode check from DMM and the first reading of first diode revealed 0.4V and 0.8V on the second diode. It is clearly the voltage drop between two diodes are different. How can I tell which one of them is good or bad? MM I have attached...
  9. Maverickmax

    igbt performing tests and analysis

    igbt Hi I am fully aware that the previous post mentioned how to test the IGBT with DMM and a 9V battery. However I discovered that a colleague of mine did further tests on IGBT which I have not seen the tests before. I could have asked him about his test but there was a time constraint as I...
  10. Maverickmax

    Microcontroller - general protection

    Hi I am in the process of writing my specification to cover every angle of protection microcontroller from interferences. Is there any good book or pdf describe a great deal of circuits to protect ADC channels, eliminating noise in the power distribution, etc for me to look into? Regards MM
  11. Maverickmax

    How to test SCR/thyristor?

    how to test a thyristor Hi I am currently carrying out a damage on battery charger and stumbled on problem as it would not operate. I suspected it was a thyristor and I have no idea how to test it. Two thyristors are in the thyristor bridge circuit configuration with two subbers cicuit...
  12. Maverickmax

    In-place algorithm for 4 points FFT

    inplace algorithm Hi I am attempting to use in-place algorithm for 4 points FFT based on radix-4. I try to work out on paper but I keep losing the 1st original data which will cause further problem. For example INPUT OUTPUT INPUT OUTPUT 1 2 2 2 1...
  13. Maverickmax

    Problem with calculating FFT based on Radix-4 in Excel

    FFT Hi I have been trying to calculate FFT based on Radix-4 in Excel. Also I have been comparing my result with matlab. But I am stuck at the moment because I felt something did not seem to be correct. Please find the attached file. Any help would be appreicate MM
  14. Maverickmax

    Radix-2 FFT equations

    radix 2 fft Hi As I am learning to implement FFT algorithm in C. I am aware some of these equations are related to buttefly calculation such as a+bW^k and a-bW^k and cos(2PI/N)-jsin(2PI/N). But I am struggling to understand why sin(x)*Im2 are needed in equation 1 and 2. Also cos(x)*Im2 in...
  15. Maverickmax

    Help : Converting 8 bit to 16 bit

    signed 8 bits Hi I am struggling to understand why negative 8 bit convert to 16 bit ? What about positive? What is the benefit? if (data[i]&0x0080) data[i] += 0xFF00; // convert to negative 16-bit else data[i] = data[i]; end
  16. Maverickmax

    static and dynamic load

    static dynamic load Hi Since physic is not my strong point, I am going to ask question in regard to static and dynamic pull test. My vehicle weighs approximately 10 Tonnes and has managed to pull 2 Tonnes using a spring scale. I believe this regards a static pull test. Now I intend to...
  17. Maverickmax

    DC Brushless Fan - regular current pulse question

    DC Brushless Fan Hi Recently I have measured the current pulses from the dc brushless fan runnint at 24V. Is the regular current pulse indicates one complete revolution? If not, that I have to resort the hall effect sensor to mesure RPM Is that correct??
  18. Maverickmax

    OP-AMP calculation help

    op-amp calculation Hi Please find my attached schematic.. Assuming that 200mv goest to inverting of op-amp, I assume the gain is 1.42 hence the voltage would be 2.82V. (Is that correct?) Can someone please tell me how to work out the voltage at pin 3 (non-inverting op-amp) mathematically...
  19. Maverickmax

    Measure apparent power, watt and powerfactor (3 phase)

    how to calculate power factor Hi I am taking samples at least 1ms sample of 50Hz sine wave on 3 phase and I manage to get Vrms and Irms from 3 phase. But I am not sure how to calculate apparent power and watt. 3Ph Vrms =(V1rms + V2rms + V3rms)/3 3Ph Irms =(I1rms + I2rms + Irms)/3 3Ph...
  20. Maverickmax

    load switch based on p-channel and n-channel MOSFET

    MOSFET Hi I am attempting to implement load switch based on p-channel and n-channel MOSFET but I need to carry out calculation before buying or conducting experiment on. The input of voltage can be in range of 5V to 24V and the maximum load would be no more than 10A. I would be extremely...

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