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    Transistor mismatch clarification

    Just a basic question. Does transistor mismatch has any meaning in mirrors or deferential pairs that that do not have the same dimensions?
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    Power and statistical analysis in ads2004

    Hi, I am using ads and I would like to find out the power consumption of the circuits in the project.How do you do power analysis in ads...? Also can you do statistical(or monte carlo) simulation on transistors in ads? Thanks!
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    DC Source Values in ADS for plot

    I am trying to make a ID vs VG graph for a mosfet in ads 2004. So a need to try a number a voltage values as input in the gate to produce the plot. What kind of source type in ads can produce such DC values and how? Thanks
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    Integrator with a current mode OpAmp?

    Integrator with a current mode OpAmp?Also ADS problem How do you implement a RC integrator with a current mode operational amplifier that has multiple(identical) outputs? Do you use separate Compasitors to feedback the outputs as I suspect or do I have it completely wrong? Also the simulator...
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    How to test a trasnconductor's behaviour?

    I want to test if an OTA with differential input/output is working properly. What kind of topology should I use to calculate suitable behavior and gain?The only circuit and topologies I know and find around are for single output amps and I don't know if these can be applied similarly and I am a...
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    Translate An opAmp integrator to a OTA-C one?

    I have a fliter that uses OpAmp based integrator. I want to make the same filter but using OTA-C instead of opamps. But I'm confused on the process of doing that. Anyone can help me on how to get the same behavior from the transition from one to an other?In other words translating the RC values...
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    Anyone has Experience with ads?

    I'm trying to simulate a simple passive circuit (lowpass eliptical filter) but i don't seem to get that right result in the simulation.I tried some thing but still it does not seem to work. I'm just asking if anyone here see sth that i'm missing and don't do right. **broken link removed**...
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    Question in symbolism

    This is a symbolism I found in a book...I'm talking about the first mosfet.Just ignore the other one.. **broken link removed** My question is where is the bulk(body) supposed connected to in this symbolism for the p and n mos?

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