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    FPGA to microprocessor external memory interface

    Either, SDRAM may give you a higher data bandwidth. Is the FPGA clocked of the same clock from which the processor bus timings are derived? If not (data inputs to the FPGA are asynchronous to it's clock) then you'll have to synchronize the inputs to prevent metastability problems (pass them...
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    free open-source ARM7 soft core runs uclinux in MODELSIM

    open source arm core Looks interesting, it would be good if a Chinese member could translate the getting started document into English. I've never heard of skyeye before, is it any good?
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    Inside Sparten-II??? (BSCAN, CAPTURE, STARTUP...)

    Loook for information on boundry scan testing on the Xilinx website.
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    Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks in VHDL

    Look for the textbook :- VHDL: A logic Synthesis Approach by Naylor and Jones (Chapman and Hall) in your library. The book introduces VHDL and uses a toriodal NN as an example.
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    Delayed output inside process statement

    What is SAMPLE_CLK_OUT_LOCAL? You're sampling the logical and of sig1,2,3 on the rising edge of clk_in in this code, which you say you don't want to do. From your description of your requirement you sound as if you want a purely combinational process to generate the trigger (place only...
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    How to choose a FPGA for adaptive filters?

    Re: dsp with FPGA Are you sure that Cyclone device has hardware multipliers? It's a while since I looked at the Cyclone architecture but if I remember correctly it doesn't have any hardware multipliers - if thats the case you'd have to build them from the logic fabric, and 20 *soft*...
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    Choosing a low cost FPGA eval. board

    fpga eval board The xilinx Spartan III board is in fact made by Digilent, but is subsidised by Xilinx. From the Digilent website their $89 board is loaded with a 50K gate device, as opposed to the 200k device on the $99 'Xilinx' board. Evaluation versions of ISE 6.2i and modelsim 5.7g (xilinx...
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    Choosing a low cost FPGA eval. board

    do-spar3-dk Check to see if the Cyclone parts have dedicated multipliers - I think they were only introduced in the Cyclone II parts. The Spartan III on the xilinx board has 12 multipliers, which are obviously useful for DSP applications. You can download the development environments for...
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    Handel-C vs SystemC! which one is more popular and why

    is systemc popular Is anyone using the new Celoxica SystemC synthesis tool? Any tool reviews would be welcome.
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    What's the main difference between Spartan and Virtex FPGA?

    spartan virtex Spartan II is functionaly similar to a Virtex Spartan III is functionaly similar to a Virtex II The actual silicon differs (different process to reduce cost).
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    Handel-C vs SystemC! which one is more popular and why

    comparison of systemc and handel-c I'm not aware of any System-C to netlist route for FPGA's. Which tool did you have in mind? Handel-C certainly looks impressive.

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