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  1. mallelauma

    Looking for Introductory VHDL for simulation and synthesis by Sudhakar Yalamanchi

    hi everyone i need the book as i read this book in my college i can under stand good by this book so plz post this book any one thank you >> Introductory VHDL ,for simulation and synthesis by sudhakar yalamanchi
  2. mallelauma

    dielectric or strip line

    hi to all i want to design a bandpass filter in c band( IEEE) i.e 4 to 5 ghz what type of filter is suitable either dielectric resonator filter or stripline filter. can i design with microstrip lines for this purpose, any replies plz thank you
  3. mallelauma

    Tuning process of resonator and combline filter

    hi toall i designed interdigital filter using the equations inthe matthei book any 1 post here the tuning procedure for the resonator filter and also for the combline filter tuning thank you
  4. mallelauma

    What is meant by cross coupling in the cavity filter ?

    hi waht is mean by cross coupling in the cavity filter ? and also any one the idea about the coupling band width in the cavity combline filter plz ans any 1. thank you
  5. mallelauma

    How to learn Verilog for FPGA coding?

    hi all i am new to projct , my work is to coding the fpga in verilog, how to learn verilog in more practical way so that i can esily code the fpga? thank you
  6. mallelauma

    The relation between the coupling cofficient and coupling bandwidth

    hi everyone i want to know the relation between the coupling cofficient and coupling bandwidth in a combline or interdigital filter plz help thank you
  7. mallelauma

    coupling coefficients in filter design

    hi any 1 know the relation between coupling coefficient and coupling bandwidth in combline filter design for the spacing calculations. plz give me the information about this i need this urgently. thank you for u r help
  8. mallelauma

    theory and design of filters, needed help plz

    hi to all, im working on filter design , im very new to this , if any body have this book with u plz post the pdf or any useful link to down load free. thank you very much >Theory and Design of Microwave Filters By Ian C. Hunter, Institution of Electrical Engineers
  9. mallelauma

    clarify my doubt plzzzzzzzzz

    hi to all, i have the design equations of the inter digital filter , how can use these equations for the combline filter design , is there any equations are modified for the combline filter. if both filters can use the same equations, plz tell me ihave this paper with me to design...
  10. mallelauma

    what is input groupdelay

    hi any 1 tell me what is mean by input group delay,or coupling bandwidth in cavity filter filter ? and how to calculate the that parameter?
  11. mallelauma

    urgent requirement of these papers plz help

    hi any 1 have these papers with you plz post here . if any of these papaers are already there in forum means post the link hereplz thank you in advance [1] P. Martin and J.B.Ness “Coupling Bandwidth and Reflected Group Delay Characterisation of Microwave Bandpass...
  12. mallelauma

    calculation of coupling bandwidth in combline filter

    coupling bandwidth hi i want to know the relation between coupling band width and coupling coefficient in combline filter design which is mentioned in this article. i got this from the forum it seems but i couldn,t understand how to calculate ke, cfe,cg,ze,zo values and also...
  13. mallelauma

    Re: coupling bandwidthin combline filter

    Re: coupling bandwidthin combline filter this is that equations i have from the forum file
  14. mallelauma

    i need this filter design paper plz help me

    A design method for improvement of g/4 coupled-line narrow bandpass filter response G. Prigent, E. Rius, F. Le Pennec, S. Le Maguer LEST (Laboratoire d'Electronique et Systèmes de Télécommunications), UMR CNRS 6165, 6, Avenue Le Gorgeu, BP 809, 29285 Brest, France Keywords narrow bandpass...
  15. mallelauma

    micro stirp filter with 0.15 fractional band width

    hi to all i want to design a microstrip filter with .15 fractional band width , which type of filter can give suppressed spurious or second harmonic, suggest me and want ot know which filter give better result either hair pin filter or interdigital filter for low spurious and low insertion...
  16. mallelauma

    integratiom of this equation

    hi , i have this equation actually im from diploma back ground i could not solve this problem any body help this is the equation -1/2Π ∫Φ η[r( bar)] ln l r(bar) -r•(bar) l dsr(bar) this is vector quantity intedration . thank you all
  17. mallelauma

    interdigital microstrip filter design

    interdigital filter design hi all, i want to design interdigital filter with microstrip withn design equations any 1 help me .and suggest any good book for the microwave filter design using microstrip or round rods. thanks to all
  18. mallelauma

    help me, i missed combline filter design file

    hi, i want to down load file named combline filter design, and Combline & Interdigital Band Pass Filter articles, from this site only but i dont have points at that time but now it is not there in this site . if any body have those papers plz...... help me and give that file plz. i have...
  19. mallelauma

    is linux supports cgi program

    hi, i have my cgi program which will get input from environmental variable . is this program can run on linux, plz help me how to run this program will linux will support this program. here is program thanks
  20. mallelauma

    how to use ansoft for filter

    hi, im new to ansoft , i dont know how to simulate filters on it, plz help me to simualate my designed cavity filetrs,and suggest me which software is good for filters . thanks

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