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  1. K

    We can call functions from ISR or not?

    you can call isr location from your program.but it is not a recommended practice to do so.
  2. K

    anybody can tell that how to write a asm code to control fans by using 16f877a pic

    i think you are trying to connect the mc with pc right ? for this first fetch the data by usart protocol (you can see this in pic data sheet ) then compare the codes that you fetched from system then according to that set the relay pin.
  3. K

    Wish to switch career in Embedded Systems: Guidance needed

    first thing learn some basic electronic stuff like switching using transistor,sensors etc then learn basic c ( you need only basic c language in order to do embedded programing ) also try to learn assembly language this will increase your logic analyzing capacity. try to read the projects in...

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