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    Intermediate data buffering

    Hi, can anyone suggest a way to transmit streaming data from a microcontroller to a PC at 1Mbps ? I've tried using FT232RL chip, but in some cases blocks of data are lost, I think it is due to low interrupt priority of serial ports on modern PCs. At the moment I am using an SD card for storing...
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    Choosing serial flash memory for high speed data logging

    Hi, I want to use serial flash memory chip with 1-2MB capacity for storing streaming data sampled at 60KHz, so the approximate data rate is 1Mbps. The microcontroller I use supports the maximum SPI clock frequency of 10MHz. Before I start, I wanted to clarify following questions: 1). Is it...
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    ADC-Uart data loss of ADC buffer size (PIC33FJ128GP802)

    Re: ADC-Uart data loss Hi, I have been trying to solve the problem with the data loss which occurs from time to time in my system. The system consists of a PIC33FJ128GP802 microcontroller, and ft232r converter IC. I am using DMA to transfer data from ADC to RAM and then send the bufered data...
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    Remote temperature sensor

    Hi everyone, I have a question about interfacing a temperature sensor to microcontroller, which is 5m away from the sensor. There are a couple of things that I want to find out: 1) How would this separation between the uC and the sensor affect the acuuracy of readings? If the sensor's gain is...
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    dsPIC flow control with DMA

    Hi everyone, I need to implement data flow control between PIC33 microcontroller and FT232r chip. I am using DMA feature in order to transfer data from microcontrollers RAM to UART's transmitter buffer. I know that the standard way for doing it is by assigning two microcontroller's I/O pins as...
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    10M PC to microcontroller cabled connection

    Dear all, Does anyone know how to interface uC to PC over 10m distance, with data rates up to 1Mbitps? looking forward to your replies.
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    Is communication to PC at 921kbps even possible.

    I have posted quite a lot of topics, asking people for advice regarding interfacing uC to my laptop. Most of the answers were : use rs232 cable connection, cause it is easy to implement and monitor and bla bla bla, and the others were totally stupid. The only problem with this solution is that...
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    uC interface to PC for high data rates

    Helo everyone, I need to set a communication link between my microcontroller and PC, which would be capable of transfering data to PC at at least 64Kbps. I am not sure whether RS-232 connection will be fast enough for this purpouse. Can anyone please tell me what maximum data rates can be...
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    external memory for data storage

    Hi all, I need to connect some external memory to the PIC in order to store data from ADC. I am completely new to it, so I wanted to clarify a couple of things: 1. What type of memory would be suitable for this purpouse? 2.How can it be connected to uC and addressed? 3.How much slower will the...
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    Feeding data from PC to on-chip DAC through UART

    Hi everyone, I want to send a file from my laptop to PIC33FJ128GP802 through UART and then pass the data to on chip DAC. The file contains samples of a sinusoidal signal, which was sampled at 8038Hz. I managed to write the code, which as i thought should do the job, but when I sensed the...
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    Development board for PIC24HJ128GP502

    pic24hj128gp502 Hi all, I have decided to use PIC24HJ128GP502 uC for my project and I need a suitable development board in order to program and test it. I have found a dm240001 development board on microchip's site, but I have no idea how to connect a uC which has 28 pins to that board. There...
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    Multiple analogue inputs to microcontroller

    Hi all, I am doing a project in which I need to get readings from 4 microphones. I decided to use Pic18f2550 with 10 bit 10 channel ADC and I am not sure whether it is possible to get 4 simultaneous samples from all 4 micros at a time by using just one microcontroller. The signal to be sensed...

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