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  1. J

    lcd decoder on Spartan 3A VHDL

    The LCD display is powered by a +5v supply. This means that if the display is read it will potentially drive the data signal lines above the maximum level (VCCO+0.5v) allowed for the Spartan-3E and StrataFLASH pins which are both powered by 3.3v. Therefore the display data pins have been...
  2. J

    Spartan-3E problems PicoBlaze program source assembler code LCD display rotary button

    As i read i can change this plain text, but as my windows is x64 i cant use JTAG Loader, so im trying to use DOSBox to assemble my new psm file. After i use it i got a new *.psm file changes, and it seems to dont be correct. Do u know any tutorial explaining how assemble new file? Thks
  3. J

    Spartan-3E problems PicoBlaze program source assembler code LCD display rotary button

    Hi, im trying to control the LED’s by the rotary knob and show some string on LCD display. im following the s3esk_startup but i cant understand how this 2 files are dealing with each other: control.vhd Assembled program for PicoBlaze (stored in a Block memory) control.psm PicoBlaze program...
  4. J

    lcd decoder on Spartan 3A VHDL

    after read, ill design my hardware description for the rotary button, and then acess this over processor. thks
  5. J

    lcd decoder on Spartan 3A VHDL

    my lcd display is done, i used microblaze, i can write there any data with size of 16x2. the main problem is, my data is bigger then line size at screen. i Read about do some automatic shift to the data till would be possible to read all the line...BUT, I tougth would be possible with hardware...
  6. J

    lcd decoder on Spartan 3A VHDL

    I'm programming microblaze with Spartan-3E board, my problem was how to write data from microblaze at LCD embbed at board, but this is solved, now my problem is to make diferent data data appear on screen, maybe using the rotary push button, but still dont know if i can manage it with *.c...
  7. J

    lcd decoder on Spartan 3A VHDL

    did u solve your problem?
  8. J

    LCD spartan 3E seconds counter 1 to 60

    would this UCF file work with this tuturial??? anyway is it correct? or need any changes?
  9. J

    How to interface LCD in Spartan 3E starter kit ?

    Program Microblaze with this help : **broken link removed**
  10. J

    LCD controller FSM Spartan-3A/3AN FPGA Starter Kit

    What u mean with slight modifications? This project wont run like he is? thks
  11. J

    2x16 LCD display program in VHDL

    Hi there, should 'LCD_controller_main.vhd' run at xilinx without other sources?? I tryed to run the code and i got some errors like missing the LCD_CONTROLLER_MAIN, can you help me???

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