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    Fd2d solver.

    Anybody have copy of fd2d static solver? It is freeware but the it's not available anywhere. If anybody have the software please share it
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    Working of the circuit at 95 MHz

    Hi , somebody please explain to me the working of the below circuit. It is placed in IF section of 95 MHz. -Akhil
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    Will band pass filters provide stability for the circuit ?

    Hi If i add band pass filters both input and output of the amplifier. Will the amplifier is stable for entire region except the pass band ?? . Adding BPF will reduce S12 and S21 in out band , will this lead to reduce the stability problem and provide more gain?? -Akhil
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    power amplifier design input impedance

    Hi , i want to design a power driver at 900 MHz. For this application i chose NPTB00004 transistor from maccom. In the datasheet they provide optimum load impedance and optimum source impedance for maximum power. **broken link removed** I designed a matching circuit for input and output as...
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    One specific tag is not detecting is it a problem of antenna or other hardware?

    Hi, I designed one NFC antenna for NXP 7210 chip. as specified in the NXP antenna design guide i made the antenna and maching circuit with 70 Ohm impedance. Measured impedance data attached with thread. The nfc working in the frequecncy 13.56 MHz. All 13.56 MHz NFC tags are detecting execpt one...
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    Current flow in amplifier

    Hi all, In a case of Amplifier design, for AC blocking we add inductor in collector pin of the transistor. The basic Amplifier network is given below image. When voltage at the base node changes the current through the transistor is also changes, which means current pumps through the PDN is...
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    Block up converter Ka band

    Hi , in Ku band block up converter, The input frequency is 950 MHz to 1950 MHz . My question is the first harmonics of 950 MHz is 950*2= 1900 MHz. Which is in band of the system frequency . For Up converting if i fed the signal to the amplifier then the 1st harmonics will exists, i cannot...
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    Why we use most of the time cos function for representing signal ?

    Why we use most of the time cos function for representing signal ? Why we are not using Sin function ?
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    Dual gate MESFET for mixer design

    Dear all, I want to design a dualgate mixer ,for fm receiver . When i check in google , all the dual gate FETS are obsalete . Will somebody tell why the dual gate fets are obsalte and which componet replaced these type of fets. Will somebody please suggest an alternate circuit configartion for...
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    Phase peering RF cable assemblies

    Hi What is meant by Phase peering in RF cable assemblies?
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    PIN diode model of Microsemi MPP4204

    HI , I want to create a PIN diode model in AWR . In AWR they have Caverly PIN Diode Model but in the datasheet of Microsemi MPP4204 diode has very less values . I am new to PIN diodes. Will you please explain how can model the PIN diode in AWR? i am attached the datasheet for reference...
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    Doubt in Antenna phased array

    Hi all, In the below image shows a phased antenna array act as receiver. The source 1 and source 2 transmitting simultaneously. Array pattern 1 generated by phase shifters. My doubt is there will be one potential generated by source 1 in all the antennas elements if we consider the generated...
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    Pindiodes infront of LNA

    Hi all, Why two pindiodes in opposite sides with capacitor used infront of LNAs ?? Frequency of LNA is around 60MHz Akhil
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    FM modulator using PLL working ???

    Hi all, In the attached FM modulator, What is the purpose of set deviation and deviation balance blocks? . Why they give the message signal to both TCXO and VCO? . Where will i get more details about this circuit? -Akhil
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    Fm modulator message signal amplitude control

    Hi , I am designing a FM modulator. In the modulator the message signal is fed to VCO but the message signal has amplitude of 200 mV to 5 V vpp i want to reduce to 0 V to 0.025 mV .? Will somebody please suggest any circuit for that. - Akhil
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    Cdama communication base station interferance

    In cdma systems base station recive a lot of msgs from mobile users at same time ,same frequency and same power. How can base station frontend can understand a signal??
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    Active S parameter reading of MIMO antenna in two port VNA

    please help me , i want to measure active S parameter of a 2 port MIMO antenna. i know the equation to calculate active s parameter "Active SParameters is (S11*a1 + S12*a2)/a1 where a1 is the complex excitation in volts incident on Port 1 and a2 is the complex excitation in volts incident on...
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    how can i plot vector surface current on structure in feko?

    how can i plot vector surface current on structure in feko?
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    eccm in omnidirectional antenna

    What is ECCM in omni directional antenna used in airborne application ??
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    what is in the image (antennas and propagation)

    What is in the image i saw in IEEE antennas and propagation https://www.ieeeaps.org/

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