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    AMD29F010 Flash is Nand or NOR

    Please let me know AMD 29f010 flash memory belongs to Nand or NOR type
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    Difference between starter kit and Development kit?

    Hi all, What is the difference between the FPGA starter kit and FPGA development kit. In some websites, I read FPGA starter kit is used for general prototyping. Can anybody give any specific examples for general prototyping in starter kits Thanks in advance Regards, Vijay
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    Difference between ASIC and FPGA

    difference between asic and fpga Hai Everyone What is the difference between ASIC RTL code and FPGA RTL Code bcaz i think the RTL code for ASIC and FPGA are same In What way it differs from each other Thanking in advance regards Vijayakumar VALGHA VALAMUDAN
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    Fingerprint biometrics systems project

    Hai everyone I am doing Fingerprint biometrics systems project , I have to implement the Finger print algoritm in Altera NIOS II (soft IP) to implement in Altera FPGA Any body have any code regaring the fingerprint identfication and matching please send me Any body have idea to convert...
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    Help me to get ( Internship) project for M.TEch

    hai I am vijayakumar doing M.Tech (Embedded Systems) Now i am searching for the final one year project( Internship) in any good companies. Duration of the project is one year. I had one year experience in RTL Coding (VLSI) Any of the friends are having any idea to get project Thanking...
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    I want the details regarding the linux router

    Linux Router Hello friends i want to do the project in router i want the details regarding the linux router Whether i need any code to configure the linux as router if what r the steps Is there any specified materials used for that TRY TO HELP ME vijayakumar
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    Need tutorials for doing a project in Device driver

    need Device driver help Hello friends i am the PG student of Embedded Systems i planned to do the project in device driver if anybody having the idea and the good tutorial links plz. give your ideas for doing the projects thanks for advance regards vijay
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    NEED college miniProject help

    Hello friends i am doing M.tech i having the miniproject i like to do the project in RTOS What r the projects IDEAS that r available in RTOS i planned to do in device driver development try to give any links to learn the device driver plz. feel free to send ur ideas thanks in advance...
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    Can you load unix on windows machine without unix server?

    unix on windows machine Hello friend i have one doubt whether it is possible to load unix in windows environment without unix server whether we have any utilitiy to work unix in windows environment vijay
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    What is the ultimate logic behind the look up tables?

    Tables and strings Hello friends i am having the basic doubt what is the need ultimate logic behind the look up table How to write the tables and strings i need with some examples thanks for advance vijay
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    Looking for materials regarding Intel 8096

    materials need for 8096 Hello Friends i need the materials regarding intel 8096 if anybody having the links or materials plz. send to me and also i want to know about the tables and Strings in the microcontroller software development. and how it is used to develop the microcontroller software...
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    Looking for materials about Biploar and CMOS PLD

    PLD--Biploar and CMOS Hello Members i need some materials regarding the BIpolar PLD and CMOS pld, i unable to search the specific comparasion between these two plds if anybody having the link, plz send to me thanks for the advance Anbudan vijay
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    FPGA Programmable Techniques

    Hello Friends i need some materials regarding the progrmmable techniques for FPGA Anybody having the links plz. send to me thanks for advance regardss vijay
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    constrains in the sythesis

    Hello members i need some materials regarding the constrains in the sythesis (need the common constrains materials for the synthssis tool) if anybody having the materials plz. send me the links thanksfor the advance regardss vijay
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    Looking for some basic information about RTOS

    gopi pemmasani Hi friends i am new to the rtos, i need some of the basic of rtos i need some materials regarding Nucleus if any of our friends have that plz. send to me thanks for the advance vijay
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    Materials about asynchronous and synchronous resets

    Syncronous Resets Hello members I need some materials about the Asyncronous resets and sysncronous resets plz send me the materials or send me the links thanks for advance regards vijaykumar

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