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    How to detect a natural oar using microwave technology?

    No. not willing bcaz it illegal for searching of uranuim without Energy Department Permission and i am just for my final project. Ofcourse i m under the Department but cant get permissions to do that. Added after 1 minutes: Thx for this good idea! but "Is Uranium gives any spectral response...
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    How to detect a natural oar using microwave technology?

    Hello frnds! may be this would be astonishign to you. i want to do a project on mining. i am a student of electronics and telecom (M.Engg). and i want to detect some metal mine under this earth . some type of metal say Uranium. is there any technique to do this. i want to send a microwave...
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    How to calculate frequency change accross one pulse!

    hi all! i have a problem about how to calculate a frequency change accross one pulse after tha doppler shift. and phase change accross one pulse are no of pulses. ???? plz plz. i can not guess the piont how to calculate it. if anyone know it plz reply
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    RADAR solution manual ???

    radar solution hi all plz give me the links where i can download a solution manuals for "RADAR BY BYRON EDDE " and "COMPUTER NETWORKING BY james F Kurose 3e" PLZ PLZ i will be thankful to you.
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    Need oscillator circuit for speed check radar lab experiment

    RF Oscillator help!!! hello to all...!!! i need a oscillator circuit for speed check radar lab experiment! can any one let me know how can i design an oscillator circuit for more than 1G hz Frequency. further can anyone let me know that what frequency range is suitable for speed check...
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    Need Solution Manual....Plz(ANTENNA)

    solutions manual hi guys. i need solution manual of antenna theory (design and analysis) by balanis 3e. anyone have this. plz send me the link or email it to engineer_shahid@live.com plz plz i need it.. 'll b thankful to you

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