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    Problem with voltage divider circuit on PCB

    Re: voltage divider circuit You tested your circuit with breadboard carefully. But you took in account the values of source and load resistor? When you check you circuit with breadboard, did you measure your output with load condition? If did, I am sure that the result on PCB or breadboard is...
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    Documents about implementing USB based devices for beginners

    Re: USB beginner So, you already have this ebook "USB design by example". Could you share it to me!!! Now, I had other book about USB, but they almost help me in understanding USB protocol. And I'm vey confused where I can find a full ilustrated book in design a USB device. And I also lack of...
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    Documents about implementing USB based devices for beginners

    make usb beginner Do you have book "USB design by Example". Please post or give the address of this ebook. Thanks.

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