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  1. tohbas

    Problem with sleep in program for remote control of 16F636

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////// //this software for remote control of 16F636 /// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // function of this remote control consists of // 1. 6x3 matrix key switchs // 2. low voltage detection @ about 2.2 volts // 3. sending alarm...
  2. tohbas

    16F684 RF remote decoder need somehelp

    16f684 raif raie i use 16F684 to be RF remote decoder normally, there are a lot of noise from out out of RF decoder module i need to detect 28 bits code with 250-300 uSec pulse width after i detected i need to send forward to another i use this 684 like a pulse fillter... my problem...
  3. tohbas

    Help me design a 4-motor control board that counts turns and displays it

    i must design a motor control board my board must controls 4 motors and counts (down or up can be programmed by user) them turn and display it the speed of each motor can be controlled freely i think i need 4 PWM 4 ADC( to convert voltage in to digital and send to PWM ) which...
  4. tohbas

    new ICD2 usb version is coming by stolz

    i saw it on his website a few day ago but now his website is unvalidable **broken link removed** he must pay more .... 555
  5. tohbas

    Help me about 2K EEPROM on T89C51RD2 please..

    i am using Keil C uVision 2 for creating code i would like to write data in to 2k EEPROM ..... i read its datasheet but in example only ASM code i 've tranfered them to C but it didnt work i now can write only one byte and can not identify address to be writen ... ... give some keil c...
  6. tohbas

    is somebody got classic PIC programmer circuit with USB

    i think it 's better than parallel port classic PIC programmer b'caz it need not 12 volts power suply.. somebody got it? if u please post here or send me Email :tor_narak_voy@yahoo.com thanks for advance

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