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  1. denislouisb

    Incompatibility of Visual C++ in Windows 7

    I can run Remote Desktop from my Windows 7 to the XP machine, so that's not a problem. But I mind these "incompatibilities" that do not make any sense, indicating that Microsoft has no idea of well-built software. I have worse examples though.
  2. denislouisb

    Widows 7, incomprehensible permission problems

    Excellent advice! Actually I have Linux running on another machine, and I used to be a UNIX bigot: I have in source form Version 7, System V (puah), and 2.8, 2.9. 2.10, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 BSD - again in source. I keep an ancient PDP-11/34 with 128kb byte and a 30 Mb hard disk which I occasionally...
  3. denislouisb

    Tracking of Low Frequency Source.

    I am not sure I understand correctly, but I would use a 4-input mixer. Or on the cheap side I'd join all microphone "hot" wires preceded each with a 10 kOhm resistor - as I do to merge outputs, e.g. many computers, into one single amp.
  4. denislouisb

    Incompatibility of Visual C++ in Windows 7

    Incompatibility of Visual C++6.0 in Windows 7 I have installed Visual C++6.0 on a Windows 7 machine ignoring messages about compatibility. I got it to work SOMEWHAT, in the sense that: - I can not open a new file such as "example.c", build a project and compile it - I can open an existing...
  5. denislouisb

    Widows 7, incomprehensible permission problems

    I am trying to put a new file in directory x86_microsoft-windows-s..nboxgames-solitaire_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_74f3b07c5d008bde located in windows\win\winsxs (whoever created such a name for a directory ought to be examined by a collection of shrinks!), because the original...
  6. denislouisb

    Really Need Help In Designing A Common Emitter Amplifier.

    You don't state what the power supply is and whether you'll deal with AC or DC. I'd build a voltage divider on the base, set a current from collector to emitter and that gives you the value of the collector and emitter resistor.

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