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  1. torbai

    How to simulate PLL phase noise in Simulink with basic blocks?

    I have trouble simulating PLL phase noise with Simulink. It is not a problem for me to build PLL model in time or s domains from scratch, but I have no idea how to simulate the phase noise (and jitter) in Simulink. Could you please help me if you know how to do it?
  2. torbai

    How to differentiate NC drill layers in Gerber files?

    I recently designed a 6-layer PCB using Altium Designer. The board contains multiple sets of drills including through vias, blind vias and buried vias. When I exported the Gerber and NC drill files, I found that the suffix of NC drill files is just txt, tx1, tx2, etc. So here is my question: How...
  3. torbai

    Problem about output pin of ADF4351

    I am reading the datasheet of ADF4351, and I have a question about its output pins. The output pins are differential, and I desire a broadband output matching. The recommended method in datasheet(page 27) is using a 50 \[\Omega\] resistor connected between pin RFOUT and power supply. But there...
  4. torbai

    How to simulate a HF ferrite core transformer in ADS?

    The ideal transformer is a choice, but it doesn't have any input and output inductance. How to simulate a HF ferrite core transformer in ADS if the input and output inductance need to be included?
  5. torbai

    Should I worry about stability due to harmonics in Class E PA design?

    Hello all I'm designing a Class E PA at 13.56MHz. I find that Freescale MRFE6VS25N, which can work from 1.8MHz to 2GHz, is very suitable for my design. https://cache.freescale.com/files/rf_if/doc/data_sheet/MRFE6VS25N.pdf However, the wide working bandwidth makes a new issue: Will the...
  6. torbai

    How in import differential S-parameters in ADS

    Hello. I've simulated several rings model in CST using lumped ports which have no reference node. When I import the S-parameters into ADS, I found that all ports are single-end and connect to a reference node, the ground in most cases. However, I really need them not connect to a same reference...
  7. torbai

    ADS_SPC_IF problem while importing pspice file into ADS

    I have encountered a problem when importing pspice model of GaN transistor EPC2015 into ADS. The generated file includes a statement "ADS_SPC_IF" which is said "not defined" in ADS. How can I solve this? Can I import it into a net file, other than a schematic file, and then modify it with the...
  8. torbai

    [SOLVED] Can we simulate far field in ADS EM Co-Simulation with lumped elements?

    A friend of mine is designing an antenna with lumped elements and diodes mounted. The spice model of the diodes can be found in the internet. In his design, he needs to choose a proper bias to achieve his goal of the gain or bandwidth of the antenna, or something else. I found that the EM...
  9. torbai

    How to reduce S21 of an amplifier at undesired frequency to improve the stability?

    I often find that at some frequency(usually below the working band) S21 is still large(say above 15dB) while both S11 and S22 are poor(sometimes closed to 0dB). This obviously deteriorates the stability factor and makes the amplifier conditionally stable. How can I reduce S21 at those undesired...
  10. torbai

    How to draw board outline in ADS?

    How to draw board outline, which could be exported to gerber file, in ADS?
  11. torbai

    how much noise figure should a LNA be?

    how much noise figure should a LNA be? I mean, how much noise figure should it be at most if the amplifier can be called a LNA? 3dB?
  12. torbai

    Is S11 critical for a LNA?

    If a LNA has an appropriate noise figure( and S21 of cause), is S11 critical for it? And what about S22?
  13. torbai

    Does it usually happen that the simulated result and the measurement are not the same

    I recently designed a S band LNA. But the measured result is far more different from the simulated one. Luckily, I can change the amplifier into a L band amplifier by replacing some of the lumped inductors and capacitors(all from murata). But after I do the same process in simulation, I still...
  14. torbai

    How can I simulate a circuit using 2SC1969 transistor in ADS

    How can I simulate a circuit using 2SC1969 transistor in ADS? i don't think there exists a model of 2SC1969. So how can I simulate?
  15. torbai

    Is my amplifier oscillates?

    I recently designed a S band LNA. It works well in simulation. However, when I measured it with an Agilent PNA-X VNA, I found it looks weird... The measured touchstone(s2p) file is linked below... It can be seen that both S11 and S22 is larger than 1 at some frequencies. I think the VNA is...
  16. torbai

    S Band LNA Design, but conditional stable at 16 GHz

    Hello I recently am designing an S Band LNA using ATF-541M4, an Avago Technologies' p-HEMT. But the stable factor shows that the amplifier is stable at any frequency except for somewhere around 16 GHz. This causes me a lot of problem. I've tried to put a series resistor at gate, but still...
  17. torbai

    What to do if a transistor unstable at an un-desired frequency

    I'm designing an amplifier with an HEMT. At desired frequency, it looks good... but the stable factor shows that it would be unstable at some undesired frequency... What should I do? Improve its stable factor? or ignore it?
  18. torbai

    Looking for surface mounted RF attenuator and RF switch IC up to 200MHz

    Looking for surface mounted RF attenuator IC and RF switch IC that could work up to 200MHz Thank you
  19. torbai

    Current Feedback Operational Amplifier, High Gain

    Current Feedback Operational Amplifier can offers high bandwidth. However, when I look up a datasheet of a CFOPA, I find that the gain of the example circuit is not high(maybe Av = 2 or 5). Why? If I want G = 20dB or 40dB (BW = 100MHz, for example), it is posible?
  20. torbai

    How to deal with the PCB design with large scale RF IC

    As we all know, Agilent ADS is quite suitable to design PCB layout of a LNA, or a PA, or something else. Here comes my question: While designing with a large scale RF IC,for example,MAX2828,an IEEE802.11 transceiver, is it still appropriate to design the layout via ADS? If this can be done, how...

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