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    Reverse polarity protection circuit for negative voltage sources

    Dear members, Please recommend me a simple MOSFET circuit or useful links to protect my load from reverse polarity inputs voltages. My Supply voltage : -12V/-5V. Supply current : 2.5A. Load to my circuit is an Op-amp (consumes around 100mA of current, but I need a circuit of around 2.5A for...
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    HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth Module and its communication channels

    Hi all. I have recently purchased HC-05 Embedded Bluetooth module to interface it with my PIC24F development board. As per my requirement, i need to connect more than one bluetooth enabled devices like Android phones with it simultaneously. I have referred HC-05's Documentation and...
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    How to initialize usr-wifi232-g wifi module using PIC microcontrollers

    Hi all. I would like to interface USR-WIFI232-G wifi module with PIC24f micro to establish communication with Android phone. For this, i have downloaded the module's corresponding datasheets and verified its operations and AT commands. But, it dint explain how to initialize the module as Access...
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    how application libraries work in a embedded project and where are they written?

    Hi all. I have one serious doubt about working nature of APIs. I involved in a project where i add an already compiled library file with my current project. Compilation and program executions are working fine. Now, my doubt is, in which program memory location does the library gets written? My...
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    how to take microcontroller program output as Log flie

    how to take microcontroller program output as Log files Hi all, Hope you all are fine. I am currently involved in one task in which i need to know each and every operation that a microcontroller does. I though of using UART to print serial stream of characters when a particular event occurs...
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    Problem getting Interface Descriptor from USB to serial converter

    Hi all. Last month, i programmed PIC24FJ256DA206 microcontroller to gather information from USB keyboard and i completed the task successfully. Now, i would like to get and send information From and To USB to serial converter which is connected with same PIC 24Fj256DA206 microcontroller. I...
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    problem getting Interrupt IN transcation in USB host

    Hi all. I have been working in USB domain for a month and till now, i could not establish a proper communication between PIC24FJ256DA206(Host) and ubs keyboard(Device). I have successfully received all the standard descriptors from usb keyboard. Also, i have sent SET_CONFIGURATION command to...
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    Getting Data Packets from USB Device

    Hi all. I am writing a program for PIC24FJ256DA206 microcontroller as USB host. I have successfully created BDT, InBuffer[maxInBytes] and OutBuffer[MaxOutBytes]. I am using an USB Mouse as USB device. My simple program could successfully detect the device attach and sending setup command and...
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    USB ISR problem in C30 compiler

    Hi all. I hope someone could clear my doubt. I wrote a simple c program to determine an USB attach interrupt using PIC24FJ256DA206 microcontroller as host and an SD card reader as device. The real problem is, the program doesnt enter into the USB ISR. I went through the...
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    how to load linux kernel image address into boot loader

    Hi all. Currently, i am learning Embedded linux in which i am supposed to create a kernel image along with u-boot image and have to load it into ARM development board. I have successfully compiled linux kernel 3.8.5. After this, i need to create a u boot image. I am planning to create this...
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    SSPIF of i2c Slave becomes High before BF Sets

    Hi, After studying maximum PDFs i have come to know how I2C communication works. So i started writing a sample program for establishing a data communication link between Master and Slave. I, first initiated START condition. After polling WCOL, i transmitted the Address byte along with the WRITE...
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    General Doubts in I2C bus

    I would like to transmit and receive data between two 16f877a in which one as Master and One as slave. In this, i have two doubts. 1. Can i connect the SDA and SCL pins of master directly to SDA and SCL pins of Slave without using an I2C expander? 2. If i connect SDA and SCL of master and...
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    how to detect the speed of an AC motor?

    hi, I would like to find out the speed of a rotating AC motor with the help of a pic 16 series microcontroller. Is it possible to determine the speed? I went through some websites, but i cant understand anything. Please Give me some ideas regarding to this.
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    introduction to PIC 18

    hi, i am now trying pic 18 series microcontroller for better understanding about them. I am in need of some sample program codes and would like to pursue the knowledge of microcontroller with the help of it. Please provide me some example programs and hence it will be very useful for me to get...
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    Problem in 8051 programming in keil

    hi, i am very new to 8051. I have done some basic courses with pic micro controllers. Thereby, i would like to learn 8051. I use Keil 4.10 Let me explain you how i created my first project. I opened the keil 4.10 and selected new micro vision project from PROJECT menu and chose the destination...
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    8086 Microcontroller Basics

    Hi, i would like to study 8051 microcontroller and i need some of the basic programs of it. Could anyone please give me those programs? Also, give me tips about the name of the software through which 8051 can be programmed(for example: pic microcontrollers can be programmed by MPLAB IDE)?
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    Does a Photo Detector conduct current from its N layer to P layer

    Hi, i have come across a topic in LASER actions. There, i saw a circuit diagram in which the circuit is constructed in such a way that the N layer of photo detector is connected to the negative terminal of load and the P layer is connected to the negative terminal of a DC supply. The Positive...
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    I2C using 16f877a (datas from slave to master)

    Hi, I would like to write a program to get data from a slave. for that, i would like to know how to configure the program inorder to get data from slave. Please provide me a simple source code which helps me to learn quickly. I am using high tech c compiler and my micro controller is 16f877a.
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    stack overflow executing call instruction in 16f877a

    Friends, i am doing a micro controller project to control the water level of 3 different water tanks. Hence, i planned to use 2 sensors for each water tank. One to indicate LOW water level and another one sensor to indicate HIGH water level in each tank. I planned to do this in 16f877a. For...
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    LPC2131 Doubt in loading Design file

    Hi friends. I am getting an error while loading LPC 2131 to PROTEUS 7.7 As i am very new to ARM, i have got some examples while i install my Keil ARM IDE,.. i just run one of the examples and i got the output file as *.axf Then i opened my PROTEUS software and i chose the LPC2131 from...

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