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  1. sreejith

    How to power up 5 Devices ..

    Hi If it using that much current you cannot use normal 78xx regulators. But as already mentioned it may be peak currents, so use some 78xx regulators with heat sink. Otherwise go for 723 ic regulators. Regards Sreejith
  2. sreejith

    four-port transformer: caculate mutual coupling

    transformer mutual coupling Hi, check whether this book have something useful in it: https://books.google.co.in/books?id=nZzOAsroBIEC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_navlinks_s
  3. sreejith

    Need ur help in my GSM modem project

    gsm modem Hi I have done a project in which i read the sms from a nokia 3310 mobile, and used it for some purpose. But i made use of fbus protocol, to communicate with mobile phone. Some basic details of that you can find in the following link: **broken link removed** Regards Sreejith
  4. sreejith

    sine wave filters for inverters

    sine wave filter Hi friend, These are some of the ac filters which can be used for switched mode power supplies. I dont know its exact price, but will not be that costly. **broken link removed**
  5. sreejith

    Suggestions of low cost cameras for robot's vision

    Friends, I am now doing a robotic project in which I have to implement vision. For that I decided to use 2 low cost cameras which have either parallel or serial interfaces. The board which I am using(ATNGW100) don't have a USB host, so can't use usb cameras. Can anyone please...
  6. sreejith

    Image recognition- using matlab

    image recognition by matlab friends, Now I am going to do a project in which I have to obtain a image from a µc to a pc and have to check that whether those the images obtained are some symbols (that will be shown by a person with his hands) or not. How could this be implemented, with the...
  7. sreejith

    RC values for diff. and integrator

    Derivative of a signal or function is its instantaneous rate of change. For a differentiator Capacitor connects the load resistor to i/p. Here small value of capacitor ensures that only instantaneous changes of i/p are coupled to the o/p. An eg. is a differentiator is used for generating impulse...
  8. sreejith

    Basic/Intermediate info about SMD technology?

    Hoping that these file will be useful to you. If so please don't forget to click the helped me button for me :D link:
  9. sreejith

    Power supply, Please help.

    I think you could design a power supply with transformer, filter and regulator ic(like 78xx or 723) to get power required for driving the fan. That will be the cheap but may not be as reliable as using an adapter.
  10. sreejith

    CMFB, three or four single-end OpAmp ?

    Hope that this link will be useful to you.
  11. sreejith

    The variations of Moore's Law

    Re: Moore's Law Can any one please tell me any link for this "variations from moores law" ?
  12. sreejith

    VLSI design technology

    Thanks to all you for giving such good replies. But I want to have a detailed picture of such problems. So can you please suggest a few links from where I could read more about such problems facing VLSI design technology?
  13. sreejith

    The variations of Moore's Law

    Can any please tell me whether there is any considerable variation from Moore's law and if there are variations, what could be the reason(s) for that. Also what are important changes that is made in the new ITRS? Especially what will be the effect of changing feature size to 45nm? Thanks in...
  14. sreejith

    VLSI design technology

    Can you please tell me which are the different problems that VLSI design technology is facing and what are the proposed remedies for these problems? Can you suggest a few links or e books also if possible. Thanks in Advance! :D
  15. sreejith

    New technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken

    recent seminar topics Anyone have ieee magazines like computer, antennas etc. ? If you have please upload for me.Or give the links of sites from where i can get it.
  16. sreejith

    New technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken

    best seminar topics Thanks to all for giving replies.Also Please give names of some international electronic magazines and journals that could give the knowledge of recent developments or technologies . Also please upload pdf documents of such magazines or give links if you have any. Thanking...
  17. sreejith

    Looking for documents about skinplex in communication

    Hi all, One of the seminar topics for my academics is this, that is skiplex and its application in communication. But I have found only one site that is skiplex.net as its resource. :cry: please specify the links, if you know any site or e books that could be useful. Please please help! Thanks...
  18. sreejith

    New technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken

    seminar topic for new technology Thanks to all for your suggestions. But I am an electronics and communication egg. student. So I need something that consisting of more hardware, that could be a technology, but advanced one. I prefer any technology that is developed very recently, may be...
  19. sreejith

    New technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken

    Hi friends, As a part of our academics I have to take seminars on some recent technical topics. Can you please suggest some new technologies or topics on which a seminar could be taken. Please provide some links on that too if possible. I found some usual topics through...
  20. sreejith

    What is the best protocol for hacking?

    Re: Protocols Ok friend. I agree with you. Sorry for the previous post. Will try to avoid such posts.

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