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  1. uxarkirnamak

    DC Synthesis - Clarification on certain commands

    set_max_area tells Design Compiler to optimize design area to fit to that value. For instance, if you enter set_max_area 100 DC will try to optimize your design and fit it into 100 <library area units>. If it cannot accomplish this task, DC reports violation, which you can see typing...
  2. uxarkirnamak

    HDL Coding for synthesis

    Hello! I's studying electronics and use Synopsys Digital Design Flow. I have read that the HDL coding style greatly affects the circuit that is being synthesized with Design Compiler and in order to design an efficient system one should know the right RTL coding style for achieving the best...
  3. uxarkirnamak

    Synopsys Timing Constraints and Optimization

    Hi guys! I'm learning Digital Design with Design Compiler and I want to know more about timing constraints and optimization. Synopsys has published an excellent user guide named "Synopsys Timing Constraints and Optimization User Guide" but unfortunately it's in our uni's computers and we're not...

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