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  1. abdulwahababid

    Need Posthetic Hand circuit diagram

    need circuit diagram and data of prosthetic hand with one degree of freedom(grip movement only) using micro controller. please share all data. thanks in advance
  2. abdulwahababid

    MObile Jammer Working for GSM 800 and GSM 1900

    Kindly share working circuit diagrams for mobile jammer to use in Pakistan, GSM900,GSM1800.
  3. abdulwahababid

    solar pannel system help

    Hello Everyone, I'm going to build up a setup of solar panel system at my home to reduce the units consumption. I want to divide part of my house load on solar panel permanently (req 50 and 220v supply in my area) 2KVA modified sine wave inverter 12 to 220v ac 120AH 12v dry battery solar...
  4. abdulwahababid

    full charging indicator circuit

    I want to make a full charging indicator circuit for battery of 12v, 40A-50A. Plz share some sort of efficient and small circuit..
  5. abdulwahababid

    tlp250 mosfet driver

    Plz tell me the TLP250 equivalent IC in proteus or share the library file of it....
  6. abdulwahababid

    Potential Difference between Charger and Battery

    What will be ratio of voltages between charger and battery in order to charge the battery safely and without reducing the life of battery. e.g if the battery is of 12v/10Ah(car battery) then how can I select the voltages of the charger. I am asking as general. car battery is an example to...
  7. abdulwahababid

    Rubik's Cube solving Robot

    Hi, any body has the circuit diagram and data of rubik's cube solving robot. I can solve it in about 1.5mins now I want to do this job through robot. :wink:
  8. abdulwahababid

    Matlab basics

    research.vtu.ac.in/Downloads/materials/matlab_guide.pdf :wink:
  9. abdulwahababid

    Pure sine wave Inverter

    Hi, I need circuit diagram and data of Pure Sine Wave Inverter.12v DC to 220v AC of 50Hz. I'm going to do this and also plz explain tha schematic.
  10. abdulwahababid

    LogixPro Supports Fatek PLCs?

    LogixPro Support Fatek PLCs? Anyone knows that Fatek PLC support Logix Pro software?
  11. abdulwahababid

    PLC based induction motor protection

    Hello, any body have data about this project kindly share with me.I want do this as my final year project. In this project i want to protect the 3 phase motor by Over Voltages Over Currents Temperature Variations and control the Speed of the motor using PLC.
  12. abdulwahababid

    The University of Lahore

    Assalamu Allaikum, ENGINEERS from UOL are warmly welcome here.
  13. abdulwahababid

    Problem in Battery Charger Circuit..

    I'm working on this circuit (3DC Source) It simulates on proteus but without desired results. Kindly help me, Circuit is design to produce 3v DC. Proteus File is here:
  14. abdulwahababid

    Looking for Verilog Keyboard Interface(Numpad Only)

    I want to display inputs 0-9 using numpad of keyboard & the output will show on 7segments display of FPGA My FPGA Spartan 3E
  15. abdulwahababid

    How to add 1N4007 (DIODE) IN MICROSIM EVAL 8

    Kindly tell me how can I add 1N4007 diode in microsim eval 8 software.
  16. abdulwahababid

    looking for 220ac to 3v dc transformerless circuit

    looking for 220ac to 5v dc,1200mA transformerless circuit Kindly help for my design.

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