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    Model order reduction

    Can any body introduce a good resouce for MOR ?
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    is anyone interested in terahertz?

    terahertz I am interested in terahertz communication can you suggest a good source
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    physics mathematics, electronics problem arena(chalenging)

    I have some basic questions: 1) why do not the raindrops collapse together? 2) why does not an electron beam or ion beam widen quickly? 3) which way is better ant colony optimization or bee swarm optimization? 4) can we model electrons with liquid as electron see and apply the liquid mechanics...
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    combining digital layout with analog layout

    who can I combine digital layout with analog layout and what are the constraints?
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    A problem in memory design

    I am designing a complete flash memory block and I have some problems Is there any person here who has some eperiances in this field every help is appericiated
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    Memory architecture help is needed

    I am designing a flash memory block completely and I have some problems in this design Is there any body here who has some experiances in this field every help is appreciated
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    Can you make a laser with Carbon Nano Tube ?

    CNT laser I wanna see if it is possible to make laser with CNT (carbon nano tube) (Quantum wire) or carbon nano torus. As you know we can use CNT as an E beam gun if we apply an external field.
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    Book about self assembly chips

    self assembly I have read an article about self assembly chips which can generate themselves like the babies generation process. is there any one here to introduce a book on this field
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    what is zero energy in quantum physics?

    why in quantummechanics there is no zero energy? and what is zero energy?
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    charge pump + current sense design for a flash memory

    I want to design a flash memory block but I have some problem in designing the low power current sense and charge pump (1.5 v to 7.5v) is there any people here that has some experiances in this field
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    A problem on 3D simulation with CAMFR

    camfr 3d CAMFR is an open source software for simulating photonic crystals you can download it in h**p://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=34129 (this software works under Python and Numeric) I can't find a good source for simulating 3 d structures or plot Band structure

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