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    How to setup CCAR(icc) environment in LINUX?

    I found this below, but dont know if it is enough to run CCARfrom virtuoso.: #============= For ICC ============= setenv CCTHOME $CADENCE/icc/tools/iccraft/bin thanks
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    where to download SILICON ENSEMBLE, or GATE ENSEMBLE?

    silicon ensemble HI all, I am using CCAR, (Cadence chip assembly router) in Solaris 8, with ic4.46, but the lic dosent work so I am getting SILICON ENSEMBLE, or GATE ENSEMBLE instead. I found the keys in my current license.dat for SILICON ENSEMBLE and GATE ENSEMBLE, but I dont know where can I...
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    How did you find your first layout job?

    I got master dgree,but I switched to IC layout industry for somereason, I am about to graduate in this month from a very famous IC Mask design school and I am top 3 student in the class. I started job hunting from last month, but realized that no company post their such kind of entry level job...
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    see these techfile, are they useful & enough 4 home use?

    http://www.enme.umd.edu/mml/private/cadence/cadence_hints.html http://www.enme.umd.edu/mml/private/cadence/ I found these files since I'd like to config my IC5141 at home, do I only need to do what it says? copy them into /cadence ? no need divadrc.rul divalvs.rul? hope these files can help...
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    how hard to setup cadence ic5 TECHFILE & enviroment by s

    analoglib display.drf Hi, this is my first post here, and I am new in layout, I just finished a course on layout design, 8 mouths, now I installed fedora core 4 and cadence ic5141 on it,(tried ubuntu 6.06, FC5, no go, seems FC4 is the only one can accept ic5), I got almost all help tips from...

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