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    card reader which convert analog input of digital camera to digital output

    how to convert analog input of digital camera to digital form...?? and which kind of device u can use for this purpose...??
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    microcontrooler with digital camera through wirless.....?

    is it possible to sent instruction to microcontroller if the medium is air...? if yes then how...? and which component require to interface it...??
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    effect of parasitic capacitance in antennnas...

    i m working on monopole antennas....and found that parasitic capacitance present between the terminals of the antenna and ground... but whats is a role of this capacitance?? is this create some problem or give some benefits?? and what is the effect of current if its value increase?? on what...
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    length,radius and size of the ground plance effect the resonant frequency??

    hi every1, i have a question about monpole antenna on infinite ground plane... when we change the length,radius and size of ground plane the resonant frequency varies,,,i want to know what actually happens in the wire which cause a change in resonant frequency by varing these factors..
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    how to implement subnetting in packet tracer

    hiiiii....... is it possible to implement subnetting in packet tracer using switches...?
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    very basic antenna...

    hye...what u require to make a simple wire an antenna without produce any bends in it...???
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    help to interface digital camera with atmel mega 16

    hello, I m working on home security system project, and want to interface digital camera with ATmega 16 MC.i want to know which kind of digital camera is suitable for my requirment. how to interface it.

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