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    Axial Ratio (AR) in HFSS?

    Hi, How can I calculate the axial ratio of my patch antenna? Thanks. -- Soyuz
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    Axial Ratio of my patch antenna in HFSS?

    Hi, How can I calculate axial ratio of my patch antenna? I am using HFSS v10. Thanks.
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    Positive S11 (return Loss)?!!!??

    positive return loss Hi, I have modeled a partch antenna (including the feed structure). But the problem is when I plot the Return Loss (dB) over the frequency range there is a section where the return loss is > 0 db and reaches a peak of 6dB. Thats doesn't make sence to me. It's a passive...
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    HFSS v10 - Patch Antenna Gain & Efficiency Plotting?

    Hi All, How can I calculate/plot the Gain and Efficiency of my antenna? (1) At single/solution frequency (2) Over the frequency sweep Apologize about the reposting but I am clueless on this? Thanks, Soyuz
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    HFSS Beginner - Patch antenna efficiency & gain calculat

    Hi All, How can I calculate the efficiency and gain of an patch antenna modeled in HFSS? Regards, -- Soyuz
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    Matching/Transformation Network for Freq depndt Impedance?

    Hi, I feed to feed a Patch Antenna (Edge Fed with MStrip Line) where the Input impedance at the edge of my antenna varies from rapidly over my band of interest. Note: I have resonance at the centre freq but below and above that its comples Impedance. Any suggestion on what kind of...
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    Patch Antenna & HFSS

    Hi, I am new to EM (So to HFSS). I have used FDTD for my initial Patch Antenna simulation so I have some basic concepts. Now I need to do a fast start in HFSS. I will summarize my situation so that it helps your suggestions. I know how to calculate dimensions for the patch and substrate for...

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